Saturday, March 22, 2008


I think I have mentioned in the past how much I love to read, and I have listed my own reviews on books I have read and then when I read a series I have listed the series in order. Well, have I mentioned that my middle child, daughter Maeve loves to read? And have I mentioned that the oldest, son Tiernan is having trouble with reading?

Right now I am sitting at the public library while Tiernan is in his tutoring session. I have nothing else to think of to do, and I don' want to waste the time while he is being tutored, so I came upstairs to the internet computers, and although I am limited on the amount of time I can be on thise computer, I think I can still get this blog written and posted in that time frame.

Tiernan has struggled with reading since last year, although we were leade to believe from the teacher that it was not as bad as the new teacher this year thinks it is. I don' know if that is a difference in the teachers from first grade to second grade or if it is something else. All I know is that he is well below his grade level with his reading. We asked about having him tested for learning problems, but they don't want to do that right now, at our first parent teacher conference, but at the end of the second quarter, they assigned him to an inclussion teacher, so he does reading in the classroom and then another special reading class later.
You know, I am not real worried about him because he is so smart and intelligent when it comes to math and science and social studies. He rocks those courses, it is only reading that he has trouble with and because he struggles with it, it becomes a daily fight to get him to do homework! UGH! I hate to fight with him over doing homework!

So as a parent, who is concerned about their child, we looked around and found a tutor, not in our school system but a reading recovery teacher from the school system next to ours, and so every Saturday we met her at the library for her and Tiernan to do some reading and for her to work with him. All I can hope is that we can get him to the point were he enjoys to read again, and once he enjoys it again, then I know that he will do better.
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