Friday, March 14, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

Okay, so I'm addicted to these new "reality" type shows, and if they are on bravo, even better. Last night I watched Make me a Supermodel.

You know, the only thing I don't like about BravoTV, is that I can't link to any of the pictures of the job they did this week.
First off, they did some crazy "lookbook" thing, and I didn't care for it. Then they went to New Orleans and did a Goth photo shoot in the cemetary! I loved this!! The guys rocked it! WOW! Perry and Ben looked so great, I was amazed! They really fit in the picture and when you look at them, they stand out. Ronnie was good, but he just has too much of a pretty-boy face for the Goth pictures. He did the best he could, but it wasn't near as good as Perry and Ben.
The girls...well, let me say that Shannon got a well deserved kick in the pants! i am sorry, but for the last couple of shows, I have felt she has been extermely cocky and self-assured that she is better than anyone else and that she has nothing to fear from anyone else on the show. Problem is that i have never liked her from the beginning, I think she has been here way too long. Holly, I loved in the beginning, she was so different and innocent, but in the last few shows, she has been hanging out with Shannon too much and becoming more and more like Shannon and I don't like her.
I feel as though the girls have decided that the guys can not be the supermodels, and so they can be mean to them but they don't really have to perform with them if they don't want to because it won't hurt them. Case in point, Shannon just dropped the ball on the Goth photo shoot, and she just figured that Ronnie would take the blame for it and she would be safe. You can tell by the comments that she made in questioning, and the judges caught it. She just placed all the blame on Ronnie and said she did her best, when you could clearly tell she was slacking.

So Ronnie and Shannon are up for vote, and Shannon really needs to go home. Ronnie and Holly can go next week. I really would like to see Perry or Ben win this. My take....Ben reminds me of my brother, who is a state police trooper, so I like him alot. I think he has done a good job, but I worry about his wife when this all airs, how she is going to handle this and how he will feel when he sees the way he acted with Ronnie. I think Ben needs to take second place, and maybe he will still get some good modeling contracts out of it. Holly, I used to like, but she has become so much like Shannon that it makes me sick, so she needs to leave right after Ronnie, which would put her in third place, which is plenty high enough for her. Perry, now this is the man! I could handle seeing him in the magazines and anywhere! And, for all the crap he has been put through with his (ex)girlfriend, I think he deserves a reward, so I put Perry as the winner.

Now...I was trying to link to the video of the catwalk, but I could not get it to work, and I couldn't get a link to the pictures to work is not my day....

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