Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef Chicago

Welcome to another season of Top Chef. This time around, we are starting in and set in Chicago, the heart of the midwest, and only about four hours from me!

So, we meet the constestants as they arrive in Chicago at Uno for lunch. I have to say I was excited by this because I have actually been there for lunch, long, long ago! Hubby took me there not long after we were married one weekend on my first visit to Chicago. There is something unqiue and wholesome about Chicago pizza, it is a meal in and of itself, and in fact it's usually two meals!

Okay...the two gals that revealed they are actually partners? What? Wait a minute, this is Top Chef, not Big Brother, leave the relationships out of the show, I want to see cooking, not relationships! That being said, when we get to the house and everyone is making nice and getting to know each other, two people annoyed me with their behavior, Nimia, who refused to get to know the others and went to bed while they were all talking and Dale, who played pool with himself and said that he had to think he was better than everyone else or he never would be, he didn't mingle either.
Yes, it's a competetion, but you are going to be with these people for awhile, get to know them. The old saying, "keep your friends close but your enemies even closer", haven't they realized that they need to make nice and get to know people or they will have no clue when it comes to group challenges and what the other chefs are able to do. on the quickfire they made Chicago pizza, and I have to say that alot of them left something to be desired. Too much crust, not enough crust, Chicago is a blend of just enough crust filled with wonderful flavors and fillings. That being said, I was okay with the way the top and bottom went and was ready for the challenge, which we all knew would be a team challenge, I mean, really, with that mean people, what did you expect.
Now, you notice that I haven't mentioned anything about the dishes in the challenge, well, I just don't know what to say. Some of them, I just didn't get. I mean, what were they suppose to be making, and then others, like the desert souffle, well I can't make a souffle, so who am I to judge, but it didn't sound bad, and I really think Eric would have been better served to have tried a dessert type souffle too. Oh, and was it Ryan that Rocco called as dense as his nochio? Well, I just think he had no idea what Chicken Piccata was, it was probably not something his mama served, and so he made what he thought it was, which went over like a lead balloon, What gets me, if you aren't sure of something why not ask? Oh yeah, right you don't want the competition to know you have no clue what you are doing?!

All I can really say, Nimia, well girl, you deserved your exit, and from the minute that you refused to getto know the rest of the cast of players and went to bed, I knew your weren't going to be here long. The other problem I had with her....she was so thin! I mean she looked model-sickly thin, and she is suppose to be a chef, if you brought me somethign to eat, looking that thin, I would be worried about eating it, because if you can't cook enough to keep yourself looking healthy then why would I think you could cook for me.

So, on to next week. So far, I have not picked a favorite or even any that I really like, other than the Australian, and that is just because I like listening to his accent.

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Scott said...

A problem: The judges kept pointing at the nearly empty plates on their table and making postmortem comments about how the dishes LOOKED (presentation). Uh, it's gone? At least show us a flashback picture onscreen of the dish before you devoured it, please. Did you notice that, too?