Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Review: The Sugar Camp Quilt

The Sugar Camp Quilt
by: Jennifer Chiaverini
Elm Creek Quilts Novel Series, book seven

The Sugar Camp Quilt is the seventh book in the series, but is completely new in the way it is written. This book is set entirely in the past, in fact, pre-Civil War, but the Underground Railroad is alive and running through Creeks Crossing.

In the Runaway Quilt, through the journal of the family member, we met some of the past people in Creeks Crossing, including the Wright's, and the Nelson's, and Doctor Granger. This book goes back to the time when Doctor Granger is a young boy of sixteen just starting his training as a doctor, and although he is mentioned in the book, he is not actually around for most of the events, save one small time frame during the passing of Uncle Jacob. Most of the story revolves around Dorthea Granger, who we met in the Runaway Quilt as Dorthea Nelson. This tells us of her life and introduces us to Mr. Nelson.

Dorthea is somewhat shelter and has no idea that people don't believe the Bible the way she was raised and that anyone in their town could actually think Slavery is right is beyond her. This book opens her eyes to the fact that people she just assumed to be like her because they lived in Creeks Crossing are in fact slavecathers, and she is appauled to say the least. It is her coming of age story in the time pre-civil war and the quilts factor in again in the story line.

I loved the book. Again the quilts were wonderful and to read a young girl, much like I would think I might have been, so completely unaware that people out there could hate each other this much and not believe that all are created equal, was wonderful to read. I think you will enjoy this one also!

Weather is better there

So what's the weather like?

Here? It sucks! Winter is breathing down our necks and it is like 40-50 degrees, the girls have been sick all week, and decided that it would only be right to share, so I have been sick most of the week! It's too early in the school year to be this sick, and off work this long!
The trees are rapidly changing colors, and losing their leave, not even enough time to have the traditional fall leaf-gawkers going, it is moving too fast. I want something better.

How about here? Arizona - landscape design in Scottsdale AZ The average temperature is around 80 degrees, even in the winter, and that would mean none of this getting sick stuff! I could handle that!! Especialy after dealing with this all week! I want no more colds, no more flu and a nice relaxing place to live. I think I could handle Arizona.

What about you? Are you a winter person or a summer person?