Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Balancing Act...

The issues with blogging when you are a full-time mom to three active kids is time! When do I have time to sit down and type out a blog entry?

I know, there are those out there that would block out some time on the weekend and write four or five entries and then just schedule them to post throughout the week. I have never done that. I take that back. I had one post that I wanted to show up on a birthday, and I scheduled it to post that day, but that was one time. I just don't like the idea of blogging ahead and then scheduling because I am sure I would forget to go back when those were done and do more.

I love the idea of writing daily as things come to me, but the time to do that is little and far between! It seems like something is going on every night of the week, and after school and during the day, and just anytime you could think of!

Now, I am not complaining, because you know that I love my kids, and they are so important to me. I wouldn't want to deprive them of any of the things they are doing that takes up my time, it is just a matter of craving out a little bit of "mommy" time somewhere in the day. At least I was able to crave a little out off to pick Maeve up from school early so she can go to Peter Pan practice, then a kindergarten celebration tonight for Molly after school.