Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brownie Outing

Just Us Girls - Mother/Daughter Brownie Outing
Belmont Girl Scout Camp Preserve
Saturday, March 29th, 2008 9am-noon


Due to all the recent rains we have been having here, locally, the road out to the Girl Scout Camping Preserve is flooded over, and with the Flood watches still in effect and the flood stages still rising, the Council made the determination to go ahead and cancel the Just Us Girls Outing.
The road into camp is flooded over and, although I have not seen it, I was told that most cars would not be able to cross the water, and with the water still rising, it was just not safe to try.

I am sorry that we are going to have to miss this, but in the efforts to keep everyone safe, this is probably the best course of action.

I will update everyone on the Spring Mill trip as soon as I have some information.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

EBay Offerings

So, EBay is offerring a special price on listing fees for items that are listed at starting prices under $1.00.
So what did I do? Well.....I listed the three most recent books that I read, and reviewed here, for sell.

Mums the Word

SOLD Undead and Unwed

SOLD Slay It with Flowers

So, if you have read the reviews and you are looking to read the book, here is your chance to get it cheap, and in good condition!

Slay It with Flowers

Slay It with Flowers
by: Kate Collins
A Flower Shop Mystery Series, book 2

So I told you about Mum's the Word the first book in the Flower Shop Mystery Series. Well, now the second book in the series, Slay It with Flowers.

Once again, the setting is the ficitional New Chapel, Indiana and this book is set probably a mere weeks after the first book. That alone draws you in, we see all the characters almost exactly as they were when the last book ended, so there is nothing that has gone on while we were gone that changes them in anyway so it is easy to pick up the story in this book and carry on.

Abby has agreeed to do the flowers for her cousin Jillian's upcoming wedding, which we heard about in Mum's the Word, but this is set around the bridesmaids and the groomsmen all being in town about three-four weeks before the wedding for fittings and to get to know each other, like they all don't already know each other already. The bridesmaids are all sorority sisters, except Abby, and they do tend to fit the steorotype, but what can you say, it's a novel. The groomsmen are all fraternity brothers, and the groom and his brother, Abby's ex-fiance, couldn't be more opposite if they tried! I loved it! What great character development!

Of course, we get to see more of what kind of a realtionship Marco and Abby might be developing and also feel out all the other characters. For all everyone says about not wanting Abby to get involved, or stick her nose into another murder investigation, it is the family and friends that end up encouraging her to get involved again this time! I loved reading the way each and everyone looks out for her, but at the same time wants her help for their own reasons, and that makes the story all the more real and human.

You know, I loved this book. It kept me guessing until the end, and I was pleased and surprised with the outcome. I loved the local flavor again of reading a book set in Indiana, and in fact I think the town and the local college, sound very much like the town in northern Indiana that my husband was raised in, so that makes it more enjoyable to read too.

I want to give you information about the book, and would love to encourage you to read it, because I think it was a fun, easy read, but I don't want to give away any of the details of the book. I just think that ruins the book. So I tried to give you enough to get you wanting to read the book, without ruining the whole story.

I hope you enjoy! And if you do read the book, let me know what you thought! Please!!
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Undead and Unwed

Undead and Unwed
by: Mary Janice Davidson
Queen Betsy Series, book 1

So, Mary Janice Davidson has a new book series out, called the Queen Betsy series about a newly arisen vampire named Elizabeth Taylor, only don't call her that or Liz, Betsy is fine; and by the way, she's heard all the name jokes she would care to here. Only she isn't your typical vampire, none of the gloom and dome with her, she just wants to know where her shoes are.

When I read this book, I just kept picturing Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City when I read Betsy. That is exactly how I would describe her, she is loyal to her shoes, and you need her on your side, a new pair of Ferragamos or Jimmy Choos and she is there!

It's written in a light-hearted manner and Betsy is more flippant than anything, but I did enjoy the book. Although, I think Sinclair is my favorite person right now, he is so more your typical vampire, dark and handsome, mysterious and yet somehow you just want to know him. I want to know know more about him, his history and everything. I am not quite as interested in Betsy, but she does provide for some good lines and keeps it from being a dark series about vampires.

Great read for a weekend. I read it Saturday while making cookies for Easter, so it is a light, fun, easy read. Enjoy!

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Queen Betsy Series

Queen Betsy Series
by: Mary Janice Davidson

1. Undead and Unwed
2. Undead and Unemployed
3. Undead and Unappreciated
4. Undead and Unreturnable
5. Undead and Unpopular
6. Undead and Uneasy
7. Undead and Unworthy

This is a cute little series about vampires, but not the ones that you have read about before, the main charachter is more Sarah Jessica Paker in Sex in the City than Vampire. She may be a vampire, but her loyalty lays in the shoes! Cute read!!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I think I have mentioned in the past how much I love to read, and I have listed my own reviews on books I have read and then when I read a series I have listed the series in order. Well, have I mentioned that my middle child, daughter Maeve loves to read? And have I mentioned that the oldest, son Tiernan is having trouble with reading?

Right now I am sitting at the public library while Tiernan is in his tutoring session. I have nothing else to think of to do, and I don' want to waste the time while he is being tutored, so I came upstairs to the internet computers, and although I am limited on the amount of time I can be on thise computer, I think I can still get this blog written and posted in that time frame.

Tiernan has struggled with reading since last year, although we were leade to believe from the teacher that it was not as bad as the new teacher this year thinks it is. I don' know if that is a difference in the teachers from first grade to second grade or if it is something else. All I know is that he is well below his grade level with his reading. We asked about having him tested for learning problems, but they don't want to do that right now, at our first parent teacher conference, but at the end of the second quarter, they assigned him to an inclussion teacher, so he does reading in the classroom and then another special reading class later.
You know, I am not real worried about him because he is so smart and intelligent when it comes to math and science and social studies. He rocks those courses, it is only reading that he has trouble with and because he struggles with it, it becomes a daily fight to get him to do homework! UGH! I hate to fight with him over doing homework!

So as a parent, who is concerned about their child, we looked around and found a tutor, not in our school system but a reading recovery teacher from the school system next to ours, and so every Saturday we met her at the library for her and Tiernan to do some reading and for her to work with him. All I can hope is that we can get him to the point were he enjoys to read again, and once he enjoys it again, then I know that he will do better.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Top Momma

I'm on the Top Momma website!!!!

Yep, I am currently considered a Top Momma, but to stay on their front page, I have gotta get alot of people to click on the picture I is the picture that I submitted to them.

This is Molly and Maeve playing in the dress up clothes. Maeve is the one in the back in the purple hula-skirt and Molly is in the front in the green outfit. They are sure cuties!!

Anyway....please click on this link: to register your vote for my girls and keep me on the Top Momma front page!

This is something fun I thought I would try, and you know, the thing is I submitted that picture to them in January!! And it is just now making it onto the front page, so I don't know how long I can keep it there, espically if you all don't click and vote to keep it on the front page. I just wanna say that I am a Top Momma for a little while. Please!!


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Make Me A Supermodel

Last night was the next to last show in Make Me A Supermodel. You know I was watching, espically since I really wanted Shannon to be gone after last weeks vote, so I had to watch and see what happened.

The one thing I don't like about is that I can't paste any of the pictures onto this blog from there. I can do it with any of the pictures on the network tv sites, which you have seen me do for the last couple of blogs on Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser, and I like doing that. I think it makes it more fun to read that just all words.

Anyway, we start off with the vote, who was going home Shannon or Ronnie.....easy, Shannon. Thank you voters! I was really tired of her and her attitude, and you know, last week i said that I was sure we would see a different Holly if Shannon was gone, and you know what? We did! She actually seemed to be having fun with the guys and joking around, and you know I think if Shannon had left a long time ago, Holly might not have gotten so bitchy and cocky, and took the time to get to know the guys and she might just have grown even more. I think this week was one of the better for her, just because she lost all that bitchness. Still, although I think she is thin for the real world, when I was watching the catwalk, I did notice that she had some flab going around the middle, and they did meantion that they hold models to a different standard, and it was more about being toned that flabby, apparentaly she has not been hittign the gym and it shows. Which makes me doubt her as the winner a little.

Ronnie, I was surprised by last night. You know, everyone has said he was too catalog, that was the only place you would see him, and I can picture him in a catalog easily, but the photo shoot last night was as far from catalog as you can get and he rocked it! I loved the comments by the photographer, he really like Ronnie, in fact he really like all the guys alot, and that says alot for how far they have all come.

Perry, even in a photo shoot meant to make him look creepy, he rocked it! I was so loving it, it was great, and he looked good, and the photographer even mentioned it. Yes, he still looks funny in asuit, and you know, I think that the suit they put on him on the catwalk was not fit just right, I think there are better lookign suits out there for him, and although the one judge mentioned the square shoulders, I think like in the goth photoshoot, the way that suit was tailored fit his body better and looked good. I don;t think the problem is him is a suit, but in that particular suit.

Ben, you know i love him. He just reminds me of my brother, and I was blown away by this photo shoot! He rocked it and the photographer enve said so. He has come such a long way, and sometimes I think he is my favorite just because of how far he has come, and in other times I think he just still looks so innocent that I want him to win.

I was really glad to hear the judges say that no matter what, all four of them would work and be well-paid in this industry. That they would book Ben for a fragrance shoot right then. That goes to prove that the vote has been right all along, that these four deserved to be there and that they will work in the industry and make a good living at it. In the end, who do I want to win and who do I think will win? You know, I have no idea how the vote will go, but I really think it is between Ben and Perry, and in fact those are the two it is between for me.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bunny Breakfast

Bunny Breakfast

When: Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
9am to 11am

Where: St. Paul United Methodist Church
4201 W. Third Street
Bloomington, IN

Come join us on Saturday for the Annual Bunny Breakfast at St Paul UMC to benefit the St Paul UMC Preschool.

Breakfast will be served from 9am to 10:30am.

Games and Crafts will be available for the kids with lots of goodies given out.

The Easter Bunny will be there from 10am - 11am for pictures.

All money raised goes to benefit the St Paul Preschool.

Come have fun! I'll be there working, along with hubby and all three of my kids will be there. The older two are graduates of the St Paul Preschool, and my youngest is a current student in the preschool. Come check it out and raise money for a worthy cause!

Biggest Loser - Makeover Show

So this week was the big makeover show on Biggest Loser, and who would be going home. Well, you know, I think I am going to focus more on the makeovers and let you see what I think. I do need to mention that at the beginning of the show, Maggie is voted off and goes home, so no makeover for Maggie. Sorry.

Ali, wow! You know, what more can I say about her. She was voted off, and then came back as the biggest loser at home so far, and you know what, she has Brittany, Kelli and even Maggie beat! She looks so much better than all of them and this dress really shows off how far she has come!
The girl has lost 79 pounds so far and I think she is doing great. She is probably pretty close to her goal weight and her ideal weight at this point, so I don't see her dropping a whole lot more, but way to go this far.

Roger is just a big teddy bear of a guy, and I just love him! Look at him now! Yeah, he is still a big guy, but he has lost so much and he continues to do it and he continues to encourage the younger guys, Jay and Dan, all the time. I love him. I think he looks great and that he has done a great job.
He has lost 121 pounds! That is a small child! I am telling you, this is the guy to watch at the finale! He can still lose a good deal more, so I don't think he is anywhere near his goal or ideal weight, so he could knock them all off the block when he comes in on the finale.

Brittany, well if you didn't know, she left at the end of the night, and I have to say that it was defintely her time to go. This dress looks good on her, although I am not sure what they did with her chest, but it makes them (her boobs) look fake. Must have been some kind of tape to keep them from popping out as she walked the runway.

She has lost a total of 51 pounds and I think she is pretty much at the bottom. I am not sure that she can nor should she loss too much more than this, maybe another 10 pounds, but beyond that I think she is at goal or ideal weight now.

Kelly, you know, I really hope this makeover helped Kelly to grow some self-esteem, because you know I am tired of watching her cry and wimper all the time. She is looking good here, but at the same time you can tell that she still has a bit to go.

Kelly has lost 72 pounds, and I think that she could probable lose another 20-40 before she hits her goal or ideal weight. She is the only girl that I think still has any amount of weight to actually lose anymore. So, if she can stop the whimpering then she can stay for awhile.

Okay, Dan, finally a hair cut! Yeah! He was needing that so bad! And he looks better, still a little goofy, but doing good! He is just such a youngin that it's scary.

Dan has lost a total of 111 pounds so far, and that is incredible. I think he might be able to take a little more off, not as much as Roger, but I still think he has a ways to go to be at goal or ideal weight.

Okay Mark, you're done. You look good, although they really should have shaved you, that scruffy thing looks awlful! I think he is really at goal or ideal weight.

Mark has lost 100 pounds and I think that is about all he is going to lose. You know, he might try to go lower to win, but I think he is at a good healty weight and he needs to go home. Of course I also think he needs to go home because he is effecting his brother and not in a good way. He has too much control over younger brother Jay, point in fact that Jay lost only three pounds working out with big brother this week.

Now, Jay. I love this little guy. He is so sweet and it seems he has lived under his big brothers shadow for far too long. He needs Mark to go so he can grow and become his own man. He does better weight wise, losing more when mark is not there than when he is.
Jay has lost 87 pounds so far, and I think he probably has another 30-40 pounds to go to hit his goal or ideal weight, and I would really like to see Jay stay around, espically with Roger, when mark was gone and Jay and Roger worked out, Jay did so much better. I think he needs another influence in his life right now.

So now you know what I think, how I think the makeovers went and how much I think they all still have left to lose. You know, I like this show and have from the beginning. I think it is good, but sometimes I think people go too far and try to lose under their ideal body weights just to win the money, and that is not good, which is why I said goal or ideal weights. Sometimes a person has a certain weight in mind, but in all reality that weight is too low for their bodies, and they may win the money but they can't maintain that weight and end up putting some of it back on after it is all said and done. I think there needs to be a healthy ideal weight set for the players, and they aren't allowed to go below that weight to win.

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RR/RW Gaunlet 3

Okay, so a new rant for me. Yes, I know that I haven't commented on Tuesday night's Biggest Loser yet (makeover pictures weren't up on the web yet), and then I have things from last night to do. That being said, before you think I have nothing better to do than comment on tv shows, I do, it's just that it is tax season and I am busy at work, so the nights and the tv shows are the relaxation and so I am sharing that with you! Just wait till after April 15th and all the deep and meaningful insight I will share!

Okay, so every now and again I turn on MTV and watch the RR/RW challenges, you know Real World vs Road Rules....yes, I used to watch Real World all the time many, many years ago, say way back in San Franciso. Anyway, I had heard alot of people talking on a spoilers board that I am on about who won this, and I kept thinking no way, it is just no possible, so I watched and I am pissed!!

This was set up as Rookies (those doing less that three shows) and Veterans (those doing more than three shows) and so the Veterans dominated, I mean they won everything, unless they were throwing the challenge. It was so lopsided. So we come down to the final challenge. It's an Army Strong Challenge (product placement! WOW so this is what the Army is doing to recruit young people, paying prize money on RR/RW). The goal is to finish this long course with all you players. Now the Rookies have 6 and the Veterans have 10.

The Rookies are way ahead, mainly because the Vets have one guy, Big Easy, and he is big, and he is slowing them down, but they are fighting. Well, we come to a point where Big Easy collasps, the ref comes out and CT is yelling that they will carry him the rest of the way, and this lady in the striped shirt refuses and calls the paramedics and they take him off. Now, the vets rally and say no matter what they are finishing the race. Now at this point the rookies are on the final challenge, the vets make up the time, catch up to the rookies at the final challenge and actually win the event.

No, MTV can't have that, they tell them because Big Easy didn't finish with them they don't win. Well you know here is my problem with that, they wanted to carry him the rest of the way, but the ref and paramedics wouldn't let them. That is NOT their fault. It's not like Big Easy quit or they left him behind, they did what they were told to do. I am sorry, but the Veterans won, but for some insane reason they gave the money to the whiney Rookies. And yes, the girls on the rookie team drove me nuts! They were whiny and bitchy and if I never see them again then I will be happy.

So, the Veterans were robbed. You know, if the ref hadn't made them leave Big Easy and they left him on their own decision, then that would have be fine, but they were told they could not carry him and the paramedicstook him off, because the ref of the game took him out, they should not have been penalized.

Pictures....nope. No pictures for you on this show because I refuse to go to MTV's website, and you know what, I have decided that I no long will watch MTV. Why? Why did this upset me last night so much? I don't know. The fact that some of the people on the veterans team are almost as old as me now? The whiny, braty rookies, or the comments from the rookies about how they won, like it was all their doing, that they were better than the Vets, I don't know, maybe. Maybe I am just sick of young kids thinking they are entitled to things, that they deserved something they didn't work for or earn. I don't know. All I do know is that this set me off last night and I was pissed.

Man I need to get a real life!!!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Women's Night

Dancing with the Stars - Women's night!

So last night the women danced, and I saw most of it, although for the first half hour I was switching back and forth between Dancing and Biggest Loser.

Shannon Elizabeth is paired with Derek Hough. Ok, I have no clue who she is, although I thought I heard a profession poker player, but still, she was pretty decent last night, so if that keep Derek around for awhile, I am all for that one! She is cute, young and did a good job, so I can handle watching her for awhile.

Priscilla and Louie, well....humm, she did well last night and Louis is good, and she is dancing for the older crowd, but I need to say one thing, Priscilla, I hope you sued the pants off the plastic surgeon that did that to your face! She has had at least one if not more BAD face lifts. At this point her cheek bones stick out and her lips have this exaggreated bow pointsto them, and it is really hard to look at her! I feel so bad, and she was and would still be such a beautiful woman if she hadn't gotten that bad surgery! I can handle watching her dance, but not when they show a close up of her face. I am feel so bad about that!

Marisa, I know she is on broadway, I think playing the Ricki Lake role Hairspray, which is great, and I love, love the fact that she is NOT a size two! And then there is Tony!! Oh, how I love to watch him dance too! This will be nice. She did a good job, a little low on content, but it was the first week and I think Tony took it a little slow on her, maybe he has Jane on his mind still, so this should be a good one to watch too.

Monica Seles and Jonthan Roberts, this should be good! She is such a great athlete that it will be fun to watch the committment she puts into this, but she is defintely not a girly-girl. I think she can pull it off though and it will be nice to see. Jonthan, well I didn't like him last season with Marie Osmond, he started looking like a long lost Osmond by the end of the season, so I not sure what I think of him right now. Hopefully it will be fun to watch.

Kristi and Marc, they were amazing last night! I am so excited that Marc got another awesome partner this season, and personally I think it is time for the gals to win. They should have won last season, but I think they have a cast set up for them to win this season! Kristi and Marc could be it! She is graceful and beautiful and although the dancing is not the top, I think she could be. She is determined, just like Monica, so I can see these two putting alot into their practices and doing very well.

Marlee and Fabio (?), okay so we have a new guy, don't know what to make of him yet, but Marlee surprised the pants off me! I knew that she is good and has mastered alot even being deaf, but I wasn't sure about this, but she did great, and I think we will see her for awhile in this! I love her, and I am so excited to watch her. I just hope that having a new guy doesn't hurt her in the competition this season. I would like to see her go far.
So, now you know what I thought....I think it just might be the women's year to take the title, and I would love to see that happen.
Remember, if you want to vote for free, go to the abc website at and vote for your favorite dancers. And more than anything enjoy the show!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bachelor - London Calling

Did you really think that I would miss this one? Nope! Been watching the Bachelor since the Andrew Firestone season, even though I keep getting disappointed when it doesn't work out, but I am a hopeless romantic at heart, so I keep watching to see one of these actually work out!

So last night was the first ever British Bachelor, and can you complain?!? Nope, something about the accent just makes it all seem right! Yep, I could listen to him all night! The girls, well....let's just say, I did not have pleasent thoughts for some of them and here are a few!

Okay, so I called this girl, messy hair all night. I am really sorry, but I do not remember alot of their names, and since she didn't make it to next week's show, I guess it doesn't matter. I can;t recall anythign about her except that her hair was a train wreck, and I think she might have actually tried to do that, since I saw some bobby pins, but I have no idea why! It looked awlful. I mean, if you are wanting to make a good first impression, make sure it looks good, not like you just crawled out of bed.
This gal was just way out of place. She was a Youth Minister, and the minute she got out of the car and it told on the bottom of the screen that was what she did, I knew she was going home tonight. I think she might have been a great gal, but she was kinda quiet and shy, maybe reserved and this was just not the element she needed to be in. Then there was the bangs, those looked like a bad cut job, so I am sorry to say, she went home. Although it might have been nice to have someone like her around for awhile, the morals and values that she could have brought to the table would be nice for a change.

I think this might be Stacy, but all I know for sure about her was that she drank WAY too much, was obessed with herself and that to try to get the first impression rose, she stuck her panties in Matt's pocket! UGH! At least he even went on camera and said that was just gross! I am sorry, but if you have been doing that to attrach men, then you are probably not attracting the marring kind! Shortly after that, she passed out in the bathroom(?) on a mattress. Not sure where she actually was, but there was a mattress in front of a tub. Warning to future bachelorettes, watch how much you are drinking. This is the second or third season I can remember that someone has been sent home on the first night because they drank way too much, if you can't moderate yourself, then you need help.

This girl, sorry her name is Shayne; once we got a shot of her face, I kept thinking I have seen her before, and then we find out she is an actress. I have to admit, that I was pleased when she told Matt that it was a family business, that her dad and grandfather were actors, and yes he might have seen them, but she didn't mention their names, at least not in the parts we saw. She did admit later in the camera interview part that her dad is Lorenzo Lames, and I was thinking, I remember him, he was hot, and then the next thought is what are you doing here? Are you looking for publicity for a new show you are doing or something? I was a little upset that he kept her around, but he did mention being attrached to her before he knew she was an actress.

Think her name was Robin, and she got down and got funky in the room, not even sure if there was music, but she did this booty shaking thing and I was a little, well grossed out is the best way to say it. Sorry, but I was just not getting it and not sure why she did it when she did, but it seemed a little off, and well, enough said, she went bye-bye last night too. I understand the wanting to get a party started comment, but this was not the place for that. This was not that type of party, everyone was trying to get time to talk to Matt, and I think she blew her time with this dance thing.

Amy, now I don't remember much about her, but when he called her name at the rose cermony I was thinking, why? She is not all that attractive, I mean there are alot of girls that are a lot prettier, and then I thought you know, maybe she is more of a real person that the others, maybe he talked to her and it was a geniune connection, so we will have to wait and see.

Michele, she was one of two gals named Michelle last night, which is nothing new to me! And I do remember her being kinda bubbly and friendly and she played the clarinet. I mean, dig out all the tricks to get him to remember you, I guess. I am not sure that a clarinet is what I would use to get him to remember me, but it seemed to work and so we will see more bout her later. She is also a red-head and the only one I noticed all night, so that might be nice!

Ashlee is a singer/songwriter and she actually wrote and played a song for Matt last night. Now again, this is one that I guestion just a little bit about being here. Are you here to find love and a husband or to promote yourself and your talent? Just have to throw that out there. As you can see, she got a rose so we will have a little more time to figure that out.

Kristine, well, I am at a loss. I don't remember her getting out of the limos, I don't remember him ever talking to her, but she got a rose and will be staying around another week. Humm. Well, at least that gives us time to get to know her a little better. that was my take on some of the girls from last night! What was your take? Are you a hopeless romantic like me and hope that this one will actually work out and we might see two people truely fall in love and get married?

Tune in next week!

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