Friday, March 21, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

Last night was the next to last show in Make Me A Supermodel. You know I was watching, espically since I really wanted Shannon to be gone after last weeks vote, so I had to watch and see what happened.

The one thing I don't like about is that I can't paste any of the pictures onto this blog from there. I can do it with any of the pictures on the network tv sites, which you have seen me do for the last couple of blogs on Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser, and I like doing that. I think it makes it more fun to read that just all words.

Anyway, we start off with the vote, who was going home Shannon or Ronnie.....easy, Shannon. Thank you voters! I was really tired of her and her attitude, and you know, last week i said that I was sure we would see a different Holly if Shannon was gone, and you know what? We did! She actually seemed to be having fun with the guys and joking around, and you know I think if Shannon had left a long time ago, Holly might not have gotten so bitchy and cocky, and took the time to get to know the guys and she might just have grown even more. I think this week was one of the better for her, just because she lost all that bitchness. Still, although I think she is thin for the real world, when I was watching the catwalk, I did notice that she had some flab going around the middle, and they did meantion that they hold models to a different standard, and it was more about being toned that flabby, apparentaly she has not been hittign the gym and it shows. Which makes me doubt her as the winner a little.

Ronnie, I was surprised by last night. You know, everyone has said he was too catalog, that was the only place you would see him, and I can picture him in a catalog easily, but the photo shoot last night was as far from catalog as you can get and he rocked it! I loved the comments by the photographer, he really like Ronnie, in fact he really like all the guys alot, and that says alot for how far they have all come.

Perry, even in a photo shoot meant to make him look creepy, he rocked it! I was so loving it, it was great, and he looked good, and the photographer even mentioned it. Yes, he still looks funny in asuit, and you know, I think that the suit they put on him on the catwalk was not fit just right, I think there are better lookign suits out there for him, and although the one judge mentioned the square shoulders, I think like in the goth photoshoot, the way that suit was tailored fit his body better and looked good. I don;t think the problem is him is a suit, but in that particular suit.

Ben, you know i love him. He just reminds me of my brother, and I was blown away by this photo shoot! He rocked it and the photographer enve said so. He has come such a long way, and sometimes I think he is my favorite just because of how far he has come, and in other times I think he just still looks so innocent that I want him to win.

I was really glad to hear the judges say that no matter what, all four of them would work and be well-paid in this industry. That they would book Ben for a fragrance shoot right then. That goes to prove that the vote has been right all along, that these four deserved to be there and that they will work in the industry and make a good living at it. In the end, who do I want to win and who do I think will win? You know, I have no idea how the vote will go, but I really think it is between Ben and Perry, and in fact those are the two it is between for me.

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