Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday Night's The Biggest Loser

So I've been admitting to my tv-watching habit lately, and today is another. I love watching The Biggest Loser. Have watched it since the beginning and enjoy it.

Now that being said, I knew from the get go that the big shocker tonight at the weigh in woul be that the teams were no more, I mean, really, they were down to 3 to 4, what else could it have been. I have also loved the guys of the blue team all along, now I had issues with Dan and his mom there for a couple weeks, espically when she loaded up and didn't drop what she needed to, to try to eliminate and specfic team, but now that she is gone, I think Dan has grown so much more with those guys to help him. I also think that Jay proved more to himself this week with Mark gone than he ever did in all the weeks before that. All that being said, I was actually glad that it went to singles, because it meant that with the normal weight loss these guys on the blue team pull in, they would all be safe, and we were definetly lossing a black team member.
I was surprised at Maggie's weight last night. I am sorry, but I really think that she has been skating along. This week you could actually tell a little more that she has lost weight, but she just doesn't seem to be dropping it as fast as the other, or even looking like she is losing, so I would have been happy to see her go home already. Sending Bernie home was defintely game play for the boys on the former blue team, and if you think the three of them are going to turn on each other now, I have a bridge in California to sell you! Those guys are going to stick together, and with Bob until the end, and I applaud them for it! Bernie was the only one that could challenge their numbers, so they needed to get rid of him, and I think Bernie knew that all along.

It was good to see Bernie had made it past the 100 pound make at home and was looking good. I am looking forward to seeing the finale. you know my tv habits.....Sunday night is Extreme Home Makeover, Tuesday night is Biggest Loser and Wednesday night is Project Runway, or Top Chef next week. What's your tv habit? Guilty pleasures?

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I only saw the show once when I was back in th US, but I did think it was interesting.

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