Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser Couples Edition

Okay, so we took the kids over to my parents last night to have dinner and then cake and ice cream for Molly's birthday, which was Monday. Then the kids are staying a couple of days with my folks since this is Spring Break. The reason I tell you this, I missed most of last nights episode.

So I finally get home and tune in, and there is Ali on the scales, and I am thinking why are they showing this old episode. Well, turns out that for some reason Ali and Mark are back on campus. The minute I see Mark I am worried for Jay. You know, I think he really needs Mark to be gone so that he can grow into his own person more, you saw what happened last week for Jay without Mark there.
So Dan weighs in and it is not good, and then Jay weighs in and I am thinking, I told you so! Mark needs to get his butt back home and let Jay shine. At the same time, I am thinking, this might be ok. We still have the black team gals to weigh in and they don't drop that much, but then when each one gets up they only need drop like 3 pounds to beat the guys 7-8 pounds, hummmm. But Brittany only loses 2 and Maggie loses none, so I am fine. They are below the line and one will go home.

This is where it get's interesting, the weigh in finishes and it's time for a commercial and when they come back, it is the start of Law and Order.....WAIT A MINUTE.....nope, I am not wrong, I have no idea what happened (probably that special election that was being help in Indianapolis yesterday, they must have broke into the show earlier) but I didn't get to see who went home, Maggie or Brittany, personally you could send them both home and I wouldn't care.
EDIT: Okay, so I had to surf around and found out that I wasn't the only one who didn't see the eviction. They didn't show it. Now, not sure when they will show it next week, but they are going to do the make-overs with TIM GUNN next week, which is another good reason to watch! There are a number of them that NEED a good make-over and we all know TIM GUNN is the man for the job! Make it work!

I have liked the guys on the blue team, Roger and Trent, Mark and Jay (although I like Jay more than Mark) and Dan from the get go, and I want to see them all do well. Although, personally I would like to see all three of the guys on campus, Jay, Roger and Dan do better than Mark, I would also like to see Trent do better than Mark.

So now, do I surf around online and try to figure out what I missed or wait until next week?? Uhmmmm....

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