Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bachelor - London Calling

Did you really think that I would miss this one? Nope! Been watching the Bachelor since the Andrew Firestone season, even though I keep getting disappointed when it doesn't work out, but I am a hopeless romantic at heart, so I keep watching to see one of these actually work out!

So last night was the first ever British Bachelor, and can you complain?!? Nope, something about the accent just makes it all seem right! Yep, I could listen to him all night! The girls, well....let's just say, I did not have pleasent thoughts for some of them and here are a few!

Okay, so I called this girl, messy hair all night. I am really sorry, but I do not remember alot of their names, and since she didn't make it to next week's show, I guess it doesn't matter. I can;t recall anythign about her except that her hair was a train wreck, and I think she might have actually tried to do that, since I saw some bobby pins, but I have no idea why! It looked awlful. I mean, if you are wanting to make a good first impression, make sure it looks good, not like you just crawled out of bed.
This gal was just way out of place. She was a Youth Minister, and the minute she got out of the car and it told on the bottom of the screen that was what she did, I knew she was going home tonight. I think she might have been a great gal, but she was kinda quiet and shy, maybe reserved and this was just not the element she needed to be in. Then there was the bangs, those looked like a bad cut job, so I am sorry to say, she went home. Although it might have been nice to have someone like her around for awhile, the morals and values that she could have brought to the table would be nice for a change.

I think this might be Stacy, but all I know for sure about her was that she drank WAY too much, was obessed with herself and that to try to get the first impression rose, she stuck her panties in Matt's pocket! UGH! At least he even went on camera and said that was just gross! I am sorry, but if you have been doing that to attrach men, then you are probably not attracting the marring kind! Shortly after that, she passed out in the bathroom(?) on a mattress. Not sure where she actually was, but there was a mattress in front of a tub. Warning to future bachelorettes, watch how much you are drinking. This is the second or third season I can remember that someone has been sent home on the first night because they drank way too much, if you can't moderate yourself, then you need help.

This girl, sorry her name is Shayne; once we got a shot of her face, I kept thinking I have seen her before, and then we find out she is an actress. I have to admit, that I was pleased when she told Matt that it was a family business, that her dad and grandfather were actors, and yes he might have seen them, but she didn't mention their names, at least not in the parts we saw. She did admit later in the camera interview part that her dad is Lorenzo Lames, and I was thinking, I remember him, he was hot, and then the next thought is what are you doing here? Are you looking for publicity for a new show you are doing or something? I was a little upset that he kept her around, but he did mention being attrached to her before he knew she was an actress.

Think her name was Robin, and she got down and got funky in the room, not even sure if there was music, but she did this booty shaking thing and I was a little, well grossed out is the best way to say it. Sorry, but I was just not getting it and not sure why she did it when she did, but it seemed a little off, and well, enough said, she went bye-bye last night too. I understand the wanting to get a party started comment, but this was not the place for that. This was not that type of party, everyone was trying to get time to talk to Matt, and I think she blew her time with this dance thing.

Amy, now I don't remember much about her, but when he called her name at the rose cermony I was thinking, why? She is not all that attractive, I mean there are alot of girls that are a lot prettier, and then I thought you know, maybe she is more of a real person that the others, maybe he talked to her and it was a geniune connection, so we will have to wait and see.

Michele, she was one of two gals named Michelle last night, which is nothing new to me! And I do remember her being kinda bubbly and friendly and she played the clarinet. I mean, dig out all the tricks to get him to remember you, I guess. I am not sure that a clarinet is what I would use to get him to remember me, but it seemed to work and so we will see more bout her later. She is also a red-head and the only one I noticed all night, so that might be nice!

Ashlee is a singer/songwriter and she actually wrote and played a song for Matt last night. Now again, this is one that I guestion just a little bit about being here. Are you here to find love and a husband or to promote yourself and your talent? Just have to throw that out there. As you can see, she got a rose so we will have a little more time to figure that out.

Kristine, well, I am at a loss. I don't remember her getting out of the limos, I don't remember him ever talking to her, but she got a rose and will be staying around another week. Humm. Well, at least that gives us time to get to know her a little better.

Okay....so that was my take on some of the girls from last night! What was your take? Are you a hopeless romantic like me and hope that this one will actually work out and we might see two people truely fall in love and get married?

Tune in next week!

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