Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slay It with Flowers

Slay It with Flowers
by: Kate Collins
A Flower Shop Mystery Series, book 2

So I told you about Mum's the Word the first book in the Flower Shop Mystery Series. Well, now the second book in the series, Slay It with Flowers.

Once again, the setting is the ficitional New Chapel, Indiana and this book is set probably a mere weeks after the first book. That alone draws you in, we see all the characters almost exactly as they were when the last book ended, so there is nothing that has gone on while we were gone that changes them in anyway so it is easy to pick up the story in this book and carry on.

Abby has agreeed to do the flowers for her cousin Jillian's upcoming wedding, which we heard about in Mum's the Word, but this is set around the bridesmaids and the groomsmen all being in town about three-four weeks before the wedding for fittings and to get to know each other, like they all don't already know each other already. The bridesmaids are all sorority sisters, except Abby, and they do tend to fit the steorotype, but what can you say, it's a novel. The groomsmen are all fraternity brothers, and the groom and his brother, Abby's ex-fiance, couldn't be more opposite if they tried! I loved it! What great character development!

Of course, we get to see more of what kind of a realtionship Marco and Abby might be developing and also feel out all the other characters. For all everyone says about not wanting Abby to get involved, or stick her nose into another murder investigation, it is the family and friends that end up encouraging her to get involved again this time! I loved reading the way each and everyone looks out for her, but at the same time wants her help for their own reasons, and that makes the story all the more real and human.

You know, I loved this book. It kept me guessing until the end, and I was pleased and surprised with the outcome. I loved the local flavor again of reading a book set in Indiana, and in fact I think the town and the local college, sound very much like the town in northern Indiana that my husband was raised in, so that makes it more enjoyable to read too.

I want to give you information about the book, and would love to encourage you to read it, because I think it was a fun, easy read, but I don't want to give away any of the details of the book. I just think that ruins the book. So I tried to give you enough to get you wanting to read the book, without ruining the whole story.

I hope you enjoy! And if you do read the book, let me know what you thought! Please!!
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