Thursday, March 6, 2008

Project Runway Season 4 Finale

So last night was the finale of Season Four on Project Runway. Did you watch? Or are you just waiting for me to tell you what I thought?

First off, you should know that I was really excited to see the collections, I liked what I saw of Rami's collection when Tim visited and I wanted to see where Jillian went, then I wanted to see Christian for the pure laughter of the whole thing. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a surprise additional item like last season and the season before, when they had to create another item or the collection.

Now, if I was ranking the collections, it would have been 1) Rami, 2) Jillian and 3) Christian. Why? Well, let me tell you....

Rami: I just love his clothes. I loved the whole line, they fit and look good on a woman's body. Now, I did question the long black dress that he showed on the walk-off, the circles over the hips, but when I saw it the second time around I thought, she actually looks like she has hips in that dress. So I can see where it would work. There wasn't a dress I didn't like. Although I have to say that I am disappointed that he cut some items based on Tim's opinions. That Yellow coat and short dress he showed Tim were gone, I think if he had left them he might have been able to win. And where does Michael kors get off on saying that he doesn't like Rami's color choices? All he ever wears is black. I like color and I love that turquoise color that he used. Too bad, I think he was the best!!!

Jillian: Ok, this was probably the second best collection on the runway. I loved the sweaters, the skirts and the jackets weren't bad. There were only three items I think she should have axed, the short gold lame dress, that was just awlful, then the short black dress with the sheer overskirt layer, it was ok, but it just, I don;t know, it didn't work for me. The last one, that black and navy blue corset thing with the plazzo pants, ugh! Plazzo pants are the worst things in the world, either make a real pair of pants or make a skirt, I just hated that whole think, and the pleating on the pants? What was she thinking.

Christian: Are we sure this was Christian's line or was this Chris's costume line? I am sorry, but I felt the whole line was costume pieces, and they go and kick Chris off telling him he is too costume?!?!? What are we doing here? There was nothing I liked about Christian's line, I guess I could say that at least he lost the bird pants, but then he turned them into that end dress, which I hated! I thought no one in their right mind would wear that, and then Victoria Beckham siad she would wear it, and I thought right, no one in their right mind!! I am sorry, but Victoria Beckham is the LAST person I would look to for fashion advice!!

I didn't like Christian from the get-go. I thought he was a spoiled brat that needed a spanking at times and other times he needed his mouth washed out with soap.....then last night when he told his models notto eat before the show! I wanted to smack that silly little smile off his face! He is the reason we have so many eating disorders in fashion! Attitudes like his, and then they rewarded him for it! UGH! This is just so wrong!!!

On to other things.... did catch a glimsp of Jack with Dale (Top Chef runner-up (he should have won!!)), which does a heart good, and a number of former runway vets. You know, I think if you wanted to reward the kid...Daniel from season 2 would have been a much better choice than Christian, at least he had good designs and was modest and humble enough about his talent, unlike the cocky and spoiled Christian.
I'm disappointed, and mad and I said last night I would not watch another season after this, but by the time Top Chef is over, I will probably be back to watching the next season of Project Runway.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like any of the three's collection. And yep, Christian's was ridiculous.