Thursday, March 20, 2008

RR/RW Gaunlet 3

Okay, so a new rant for me. Yes, I know that I haven't commented on Tuesday night's Biggest Loser yet (makeover pictures weren't up on the web yet), and then I have things from last night to do. That being said, before you think I have nothing better to do than comment on tv shows, I do, it's just that it is tax season and I am busy at work, so the nights and the tv shows are the relaxation and so I am sharing that with you! Just wait till after April 15th and all the deep and meaningful insight I will share!

Okay, so every now and again I turn on MTV and watch the RR/RW challenges, you know Real World vs Road Rules....yes, I used to watch Real World all the time many, many years ago, say way back in San Franciso. Anyway, I had heard alot of people talking on a spoilers board that I am on about who won this, and I kept thinking no way, it is just no possible, so I watched and I am pissed!!

This was set up as Rookies (those doing less that three shows) and Veterans (those doing more than three shows) and so the Veterans dominated, I mean they won everything, unless they were throwing the challenge. It was so lopsided. So we come down to the final challenge. It's an Army Strong Challenge (product placement! WOW so this is what the Army is doing to recruit young people, paying prize money on RR/RW). The goal is to finish this long course with all you players. Now the Rookies have 6 and the Veterans have 10.

The Rookies are way ahead, mainly because the Vets have one guy, Big Easy, and he is big, and he is slowing them down, but they are fighting. Well, we come to a point where Big Easy collasps, the ref comes out and CT is yelling that they will carry him the rest of the way, and this lady in the striped shirt refuses and calls the paramedics and they take him off. Now, the vets rally and say no matter what they are finishing the race. Now at this point the rookies are on the final challenge, the vets make up the time, catch up to the rookies at the final challenge and actually win the event.

No, MTV can't have that, they tell them because Big Easy didn't finish with them they don't win. Well you know here is my problem with that, they wanted to carry him the rest of the way, but the ref and paramedics wouldn't let them. That is NOT their fault. It's not like Big Easy quit or they left him behind, they did what they were told to do. I am sorry, but the Veterans won, but for some insane reason they gave the money to the whiney Rookies. And yes, the girls on the rookie team drove me nuts! They were whiny and bitchy and if I never see them again then I will be happy.

So, the Veterans were robbed. You know, if the ref hadn't made them leave Big Easy and they left him on their own decision, then that would have be fine, but they were told they could not carry him and the paramedicstook him off, because the ref of the game took him out, they should not have been penalized.

Pictures....nope. No pictures for you on this show because I refuse to go to MTV's website, and you know what, I have decided that I no long will watch MTV. Why? Why did this upset me last night so much? I don't know. The fact that some of the people on the veterans team are almost as old as me now? The whiny, braty rookies, or the comments from the rookies about how they won, like it was all their doing, that they were better than the Vets, I don't know, maybe. Maybe I am just sick of young kids thinking they are entitled to things, that they deserved something they didn't work for or earn. I don't know. All I do know is that this set me off last night and I was pissed.

Man I need to get a real life!!!
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