Thursday, March 20, 2008

Biggest Loser - Makeover Show

So this week was the big makeover show on Biggest Loser, and who would be going home. Well, you know, I think I am going to focus more on the makeovers and let you see what I think. I do need to mention that at the beginning of the show, Maggie is voted off and goes home, so no makeover for Maggie. Sorry.

Ali, wow! You know, what more can I say about her. She was voted off, and then came back as the biggest loser at home so far, and you know what, she has Brittany, Kelli and even Maggie beat! She looks so much better than all of them and this dress really shows off how far she has come!
The girl has lost 79 pounds so far and I think she is doing great. She is probably pretty close to her goal weight and her ideal weight at this point, so I don't see her dropping a whole lot more, but way to go this far.

Roger is just a big teddy bear of a guy, and I just love him! Look at him now! Yeah, he is still a big guy, but he has lost so much and he continues to do it and he continues to encourage the younger guys, Jay and Dan, all the time. I love him. I think he looks great and that he has done a great job.
He has lost 121 pounds! That is a small child! I am telling you, this is the guy to watch at the finale! He can still lose a good deal more, so I don't think he is anywhere near his goal or ideal weight, so he could knock them all off the block when he comes in on the finale.

Brittany, well if you didn't know, she left at the end of the night, and I have to say that it was defintely her time to go. This dress looks good on her, although I am not sure what they did with her chest, but it makes them (her boobs) look fake. Must have been some kind of tape to keep them from popping out as she walked the runway.

She has lost a total of 51 pounds and I think she is pretty much at the bottom. I am not sure that she can nor should she loss too much more than this, maybe another 10 pounds, but beyond that I think she is at goal or ideal weight now.

Kelly, you know, I really hope this makeover helped Kelly to grow some self-esteem, because you know I am tired of watching her cry and wimper all the time. She is looking good here, but at the same time you can tell that she still has a bit to go.

Kelly has lost 72 pounds, and I think that she could probable lose another 20-40 before she hits her goal or ideal weight. She is the only girl that I think still has any amount of weight to actually lose anymore. So, if she can stop the whimpering then she can stay for awhile.

Okay, Dan, finally a hair cut! Yeah! He was needing that so bad! And he looks better, still a little goofy, but doing good! He is just such a youngin that it's scary.

Dan has lost a total of 111 pounds so far, and that is incredible. I think he might be able to take a little more off, not as much as Roger, but I still think he has a ways to go to be at goal or ideal weight.

Okay Mark, you're done. You look good, although they really should have shaved you, that scruffy thing looks awlful! I think he is really at goal or ideal weight.

Mark has lost 100 pounds and I think that is about all he is going to lose. You know, he might try to go lower to win, but I think he is at a good healty weight and he needs to go home. Of course I also think he needs to go home because he is effecting his brother and not in a good way. He has too much control over younger brother Jay, point in fact that Jay lost only three pounds working out with big brother this week.

Now, Jay. I love this little guy. He is so sweet and it seems he has lived under his big brothers shadow for far too long. He needs Mark to go so he can grow and become his own man. He does better weight wise, losing more when mark is not there than when he is.
Jay has lost 87 pounds so far, and I think he probably has another 30-40 pounds to go to hit his goal or ideal weight, and I would really like to see Jay stay around, espically with Roger, when mark was gone and Jay and Roger worked out, Jay did so much better. I think he needs another influence in his life right now.

So now you know what I think, how I think the makeovers went and how much I think they all still have left to lose. You know, I like this show and have from the beginning. I think it is good, but sometimes I think people go too far and try to lose under their ideal body weights just to win the money, and that is not good, which is why I said goal or ideal weights. Sometimes a person has a certain weight in mind, but in all reality that weight is too low for their bodies, and they may win the money but they can't maintain that weight and end up putting some of it back on after it is all said and done. I think there needs to be a healthy ideal weight set for the players, and they aren't allowed to go below that weight to win.

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