Friday, March 21, 2008

Top Momma

I'm on the Top Momma website!!!!

Yep, I am currently considered a Top Momma, but to stay on their front page, I have gotta get alot of people to click on the picture I is the picture that I submitted to them.

This is Molly and Maeve playing in the dress up clothes. Maeve is the one in the back in the purple hula-skirt and Molly is in the front in the green outfit. They are sure cuties!!

Anyway....please click on this link: to register your vote for my girls and keep me on the Top Momma front page!

This is something fun I thought I would try, and you know, the thing is I submitted that picture to them in January!! And it is just now making it onto the front page, so I don't know how long I can keep it there, espically if you all don't click and vote to keep it on the front page. I just wanna say that I am a Top Momma for a little while. Please!!


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