Monday, March 17, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover Sunday 3/16

Extreme Home Makeover
Okay, so by now you know I am addicted to tv, and Sunday is my Extreme Home Makeover night and cry-fest! And last night was good!!
Met the Boettcher family, the dad is a Biker Pastor, and before you get all high and mighty, we have a "biker church" in our community, and I can tell you this, that church makes it a point to be involved in anything and everything community and to do things for others all the time!! If you don't believe me, you have got to check them out....

Now, the mom worked non-profit in the community and the daughter has a son with problems, they are all living in a run down trailer, and running a teen ministry out of the garage. Well, you know this will be good.

I have to say, I liked the house and all, but it really was a little bit of a sore thumb in the trailer park neighborhood they live in, I mean everything around them was a trailer, and here in the middle of all that is this house.

I think the best thing I noticed about the whole thing was the ministry. The dad kept saying that his whole goal in doing the show was to inspire someone, somewhere in the world to get involved, to do the same thing in their comminuty to build up the kids, because they are worth it, and they are the future.

You know, I have to go here.....everyone talks about kids, about how they are the future and that they are going to hell in a handbasket, that no one is doing anything for them or with them, that they don't have any common sense, they are doing drugs and killing each other and what ever else you have heard recently. The biggest problem with it.....NO ONE is doing anything about it! Everyone is complaining about the kids these days, but no one is stepping up to do anything. Everyone thinks it's someone else's job. The parents think the schools need to do more, the schools think the parents need to do more and nothing gets done. There are few community programs, but they are all fighting for limited money, and in the end it ends up falling on churches to do anything, because we all know if you want anything done in a community, and you want it done quickly and without alot of government red tape, ask a church.
I mean, take a look at New Orleans after Katrina....who were the first people in to help, churches, who is still there helping, churches. Hummm.....and people are constently saying we need a seperation of church and state, but when it comes down to it and there is a crisis, the same people that don't want church in their schools or gorvenment are the first in line at the church for aid.

So I'm off my soap box and moving on. I liked this episode and I hope, if nothing else, it made you think. Maybe it challenged you to do more in your community and maybe it challenged the way you think about people.

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