Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tax Season

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate tax season?
You know, I never thought much about taxes, although I did think that it might be easy and fun to go to one of those day long classes, learn to do taxes and make some extra money doing them when I was still home with the kids. That was before.

Just over two years ago, it became necessary for me to return to the workforce, due to a number of issues, but mainly because my husband's grandmother passed away and we were left to support his mother. We were stretching the budget as much as possible with him working, three kids and me staying home, so I went back to work. I took a postion as the Administrative Assistant in a small CPa firm. I love the gals I work with and most of the time, it is fine. Tax season is another story!! It can get so hectic, and what is suppose to be a 30-hour week becomes 36, 40 or more hours a week, and the stress and pressure to get things done fast and the clients.....oh my stomach hurts!

All I can say is that you have to have a certain charachter to do taxes, and I don't think I have it! I get too stressed out, probably because I know that I have three kids at home that need me and other commitments like church, girl scouts, cub scouts and my business that I still have to attend to, and if I am putting in 36 hours at the office, I have to neglect something else, because I have it all scheduled too close together!

With that being said...Monday is the first deadline. Business' have to file their taxes by March 15th, but that being a Saturday the deadline is Monday March 17th this year. Then only a month till the Individual deadline of April 15th. Then thing relax a little until the Personal Property Tax deadline of May 15th....then we switch into summer mode, which means, really relaxed and I actually get to go back to less than 30 hours a week, four days in that week!

There is something to be said for working in for a CPA....summers are pretty easy around here!

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