Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home at Last by Billy Ray Cyrus

So last night on the way to take the kids to my parents for a couple of days, we listened to the new Billy Ray Cyrus CD.
Okay, before you get all indignant and start cripping about the 80s, the mullet and Achy Breaky Heart; he's still a good songwriter in spit of the 80s mistakes, and haven't we all made them, I mean....parachute pants, Farrah Fawcet hair, roller skating, the hairpsray, the bangs(big hair), the hair bands (Posion, remember them). So, now that we are past that, we can realyl talk about the CD.
Billy Ray website

I liked it alot! It fits. It's written by a guy with kids, so as a mom with kids, around the same age, it just speaks to me. It has those type themes, and it goes with growing up.

The first song, Ready, Set, Don't Go.... you have probably already heard. If you don't listen to Country music, they have been playing the version with his daughter singing with him on the tween pop stations. He wrote it as she took off to go film Hannah Montanas, and it is about a father letting go and letting his little girl grow up. And who in my age set hasn't faced this or is getting ready to face it right now!

The Beginning is another middle-age classic, talking about life and what it's all worth, what it means and realizing that as you get older it gets better and it's always as new beginning.

The Buffalo is about a guy who puts his life into a company only to be told they are letting him go, and his anger and his strife and dealing with it. The reference to the Buffalo is strong, because the buffalo were pushed off the land by man moving and taking over what was once theirs, and they didn't put up a fight, I mean really what animal has been able to fight off man taking over everything they had. And not going quitely, likethe buffalo, standing up for what you believe in and what is right.

He does a wonderful cover of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl that I loved. He has a strong presence and voice, but you know I almost forgot at times that it was Billy Ray and not Van Morrison.

There is another great coming of age and standing for what you believe in song on the end, Stand. I loved it, and I wanted to quote is, but I can't remember then exactly right now, and since I can't stick the CD in and listen, it will have to pass.

Billy Ray has written alot of good songs, and they tend to get ignored or forgotten in the wake of Achy Breaky Heart, but if you can get past that and really listen, I think you will find a geniune, down to earth man singing about real life and what is right and making the best of what you have. If you're looking, take a chance on this one!

Review from another guy, so you don't have to take my word alone for it, and this guy even compares Billy Ray's voice to Johnny Cash. So there, what have you got to lose, go to the website and check it out!

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