Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Men's Night

Okay, so last night was Men's Night on Dancing with the Stars, and you all know that I was watching, because by this point you know that you can count on me to be watching anything reality and voting show-wise because I am just addicted to the stuff! Oh well, at least it is a cheap habit!

Steve Guttenburg is paired with Anna, and all I can remember about her is that she was pair with Albert or somebody last year and was the second to leave, I think. Steve is kinda like having John Ratzenburg on the past year. He is a nice funny guy, but he has a LONG way to go in the dancing. He didn't do too bad and I can see him staying around for a little while.

Adam Carrolla and two time champ Julianne Hough....well, it's about time! Julieanne is a great girl and a wonderful dancer, but two years in a row she has pulled the best athlete in the competition and then the best smiler and won both years. You knew that it had to happen, she was going to get paired with someone that couldn't dance his way out of a box! Finally it happened, she got Adam, who has got to be the worst dancer. You know, I think he might even be worse than Billy Ray Cyrus, and yes I like his music, but he is no dancer, even he said that. So this is the year for Julieanne to leave early, and the earlier the better is all I can say.

I have no idea who this guy is that is paired with Cheryl. His name is Cristian something, and he's latin, but other than that, I know nothing. He is a decent dancer, I mean really, he's latin he better know how to dance! So Cheryl has a chance to stay around for awhile this year. You knew after she won her second title that they would have to give her some bad guys to even it out, and that is what happened, but I think she is getting back up there now. We'll see how this on goes.

Jason Taylor and Edtya, well....I like Jason, he's our token football player this year, and I think he will be a good dancer. He's paired with Edtya, and although I think she is a great dancer, I hate her outfits! She starts out the season okay, then they get skimpier and skimpier, until it's like a string bikin with a skirt! I am sorry, but I have never been able to understand her dresses and that just makes me not want to watch them. Although if Jason dances as well the rest of the season as I am expecting him to do, then they could be there in the end.

Mario and Karina, haven't we seen this before? You know I loved watching her and Mario Lopez dance, although that may have been because I would watch anything with Mario Lopez in it! I liked her that season, she had a softness to her that I have not seen since, and I don't know if that had to do with her and Mario's relationship or what, but since then she has just gotten, well, bitchy. She is a little cocky in the interviews and then she is kinda mean to her partners, and so I am not sure what is going on with her. This Mario is young and good, so watch out, but I am not sure I can handle to much of Karina, unless she softens up again.

Penn and Kym, you know I am really tired of Kym getting all the left-footed guys, I mean after Jerry Springer, she should have gotten a winner! Really!! I would have liked to see Kym and Jason. I think Kym deserves a better partner, but then again maybe Penn will surprise me, but last night was not a good beginning, but then again it wasn't good of anyone, aside from Mario. So I am hoping for good things from Penn because I think Kym deserves better, so I hope he doesn't disappoint.
Tuesday night is the ladies and I am looking forward to that one again. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on it. Voting online for Dancing with the Stars is free and you can do it at http://www.abc.com/ and that is the ONLY way I vote, if I vote! I refuse to pay money for this stuff!
So who is your favorite?

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