Thursday, March 13, 2008

Build A Bear Workshop

So Monday March 10th was Molly's Fourth Birthday. What do you do for such a special day? Well, we took all three kids to the mall to Build A Bear Workshop and let them each pick out and make a bear. This is all three as we are done.

I think Molly had a really good time, she loved picking out her "bear", which was actually a monkey and getting it stuffed and fluffing and showering it. Once we got past that point though, it was sensory overload! There were two full walls of clothes to chose from, along with about four other display racks with stuff on them to choose from! It overwhelmed me, I am sure it was too much for a four-year old!

This is the stuffing process, and the kids all thought this was the greatest thing. They loved watching the machine, and while we were there they had to put more stuffing material into the machine and the lady even let the kids help do that, and they loved it! It was good for them to see it and understand what went into the bears, or monkey's in this case that they were building.

Overall it was a great time, and I think they had a good birthday. Of course, those were the most expensive stuffed animals I have ever bought in my life, but as long as they take care of them, I am ok with it....maybe I can get them to just keep these and I can throw away all the mountains of other stuffed animals they have! Wishful thinking on my part!

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