Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top Chef Chicago - April 2nd

Last night was another episode of Top Chef Chicago, and I actually stayed up to watch it, although I was tired, this stupid tax season is realyl taking it out of me this year, and Top Chef isn't on in my area until 10pm.

So the Quickfire is on technique, and you know I think some of them got it and others have no idea what he meant by technique. I liked Dale's, which ended up winning and I like Richard's, but knowing that Richard and one of the other guys whose name completely is lost to me at this moment, have worked for the guest chef before, well I didn't like that, and I was glad that the challenge was won by someone other than someone who had worked for the guest chef before.

The Elimination Challenge was to base one course of a meal on a movie. Well....I had a ton of ideas for that, and I think some of them were great! I was not sure about the first course...Willy Wonka, okay so chocolate and wasbi? But the judges all claimed that it worked at tasted good, although some of the other chefs claimed that it did not. I think they need to taste it before they complain so loudly. Most of the dishes were not that memorable. I think the one I like the best was the one that when teams were picked they thought they wouldn't have a clue together...the one with Mark and the other guy that worked at one time for the guest chef, they ended up picking a Christmas Story, which I personally just can't stand as a movie, sorry, I have just never liked it, but not only did they pick that movie, but they picked a specfic scene, and built the course around that, and it looked good! Ted Allen was even heard saying, I have a never favorite dish, after eating their dish. I was a little surprised that they were not called in the top dishes, I kinda wish they could have known who well they actually did, I think that would benefit them both and encourage them a little.

Yeah, that is an issue for me. I wish that all the teams would get called to judges table and that they would all get comments from the judges on what was good, what was bad and why they were in the top, bottom or middle. I think it would make it easier on them to understand what they are or are not doing. But I know that time doesn't allow them to show that, but I realyl hope that even though we don't see it on the show, that the judges are actually talking to them all.

Anyway, Spike and Manuel end up in the bottom. Okay, so Spike over-rules Manuel and says his style of cooking, well Manuel being a good guy say, hum, I don't know this sytle, but this is a good change for me to learn something about it and so okay....well, Spike can't cook worth crap, the course tanks. In the end, the judges sent Manuel home, but I really think they should have sent Spike. They claimed the Manuel should have stood up to Spike more, but Manuel was very up front about using this as a chance to learn something new, and I think he should be appauled for that. Spike knew how to cook it, and does it all the time, and it failed, so I think the blame should have fallen squarely on him and he should have went home, not Manuel who confessed to not knowing the style.

Sorry, but I think I am over Spike. He can just move on to something else, because he is not as good as he thinks he is and he doesn't take repsonsiblity for the meal. When asked who should go home, he refused to stand up and say, me, it was my idea and my style. He insted said I don't play that game, which meant that he wanted to throw Manuel under the bus and save himself, that alone should have gotten him booted. Oh well, maybe next week!

There are still just too many of them for me to really be able to tell anything about them right now, although I am not liking the couple in the kitchen anymore. I think it is distracting to the others and in poor taste. Just my humble opinion, I would like to hear yours!!! Leave me a comment, let me know what you think and who is your favorite!

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David Dust said...

I am SO over Spike also!

Click here for DavidDust's Top Chef recap.

TAMmommy said...

Thanks David! Love your blog about the show, just a wonderful and witty recap.

Anyone reading the comments....go check out David's recap of the show, see link in above comment!