Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - April 29th

Dancing with the Stars - The Results Show
April 29th

So last night was another Dancing with the Stars Results show, and Monday night had it's share of excitement, with Christian pulling a muscle in his arm in the middle of the dance, and yet they were still safe.

So who did we say good-bye to, well, as the pictures tell, we said good-bye to Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough. It will not be the same without Derek, I loe to watch him dance, but overall, I'm okay with Shannon going home.

I have no idea who Shannon Elizabeth is, or how she got on Dancing with the Stars, but she tried and worked hard, and I think this is the downfall of just about every model type on the show, when you are tall and thin (like they want models to be) you have the tendency to look gangly when dancing, there is just not the smoothness or flow of the arms and legs as with others.
Personally, I would have been jumping for joy if Mario and Karina had went home last night, they were my vote to go, but sadly they stayed. Sorry to all of you out there that like him, but there is just somethign about him that doesn't set well, and then there is the ice princess karina, I really liked her when she danced with Mario Lopez, but since then she has developed an attitude (although I think it has always been there, but with Mario L, they were dancing so well, and he was such a great sport that it didn't show on her until the end when they announced the winner and you could tell she was pissed and Mario was like it's okay)

So another week of my guilty pleasures in watching "reality" tv. Thanks for sharing with me in my fun, and look for an update on the Brownie Camping trip soon (just give me a little more time to recover!)

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