Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time for Change

So, when I started this particular blog is was named for the business, and was intended to be about the business, but over time, it just became the place for me to vent, to write and to work out everything in my life.

After some thought and encouragment, I have decided to "split" this blog. This blog will remain, and the name will remain the same and I will continue to blog here, but it will be business focused, and creations focused, meaning that it will be more about "a TAMM creation", and what I am creating and designing and having fun with.

All the fun stuff, my practice writings, the posts about tv shows and my soapbox rants, all of that will be moving over to a new blog at wordpress. Yep, I decided to give them a try since I hadn't used them before and a number of people have been telling me about them and saying I should use them instead, so I am giving them a try. The new blog is
Yep, I tried to keep the name in the same vein so that you would all know that it was me, but that blog will be all about me. I love the writing and I am thinking about working on some practice fiction stories on the blog, so that is the main thing that really prompted me to go ahead and do the slipt.

Please bear with me as I work on the slipt. It is going to take me alot of time to get things moved and then cleaned up once I move them. Thanks for your support!!

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