Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Bachelor: London Calling - April 7th

So last night was another episode of The Bachelor: London Calling. Of course I watched it, even though I had to get up early this morning and have my son at the dentist at 7am. What I thought I would tell you this morning, was about the three ladies that left last night. Before you say anything, photos from last night's show are not up on the website yet, so these are pictures taken from the week before.

Oh heavens, what can I say about this girl! I mean really. What did we get to know about her besides the fact that she drinks like a fish and apparently thinks she can hold her liquor but really can't!

Last night was great, Matt sat her down and said, let's talk. He told her she was the life ofthe party but he felt like she liked being with the other girls and drinking more than she liked being with him, so what did she do? She flashed her boobs at him! I mean really?!?! Did she not learning anything from Stacy on the first night? Drinking too much and slipping your panties is not good thing, what would make you think drinking too much and flashing your boobs would be agood thing. The problem is that I don't think she could think!

Everytime she was shown, no matter what date or where at the house they were, she alwasy seemed about three sheets to the wind. All I could think was, her poor mom, what must she be thinking, and then I hope she realizes what a foold she made of herslef when she sees this on tv, and the obvious question, why did he keep her around so long? That one I still can't answer.


Okay, so we know you can sing, although I wasn't all that impressed with her voice. She seemed so shocked to go home, but Matt had asked her point blank, is there anything more to us than your singing? I mean he was impressed with her singing, and everytime she sang it did things to him, he admitted, but he wondered if there was more to her. And so what did she do? She sang to him again, then when he pulled her aside right before the Rose Ceremony last night and asked about it, she just really had no answers for him. To me, it seemed like she has been able to use her singing to get her places in the past. In the end she said she wantedto be know as more than just the singer, but that is exactly what she put out to Matt, Ashlee the singer, she sang for him every chance she got and when asked hard questions all she could do was smile and sing again.

Well, I think this one had some people surprised. She had a one-on-one date with Matt last week, and yet during that date, Matt specifically mentioned at times there were voids in their conversations, that they seemed too comfortable with each other. Okay, now I am all for being comfortable with someone and not having to talk, but this is speed dating, at this point there really can't be the voids in conversation. Then last night when he asked if there were any challengeing questions she had of him, she said no....think of something, anything, it just made her look uninterested in him.

So, we are down to six gals, and they are all going skiing next week, and from the previews looks like a couple of good cat fights are on the way.....

My predictions.....the next two to leave will be Chelsea and Marshanna. Sorry, just don't see it working on those levels. What do you think?

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alles_is_liefde said...

I really want to see him spend more time with Noelle, she seems like a very nice person.

I can't stand Robyn!She needs to go!

Although I think Shayne is a bit of an airhead, I think she's very sweet and sincere. Besides being the most beautiful, I really like her.

Ashlee is a complete idiot, cute, but that girlish laugh is so annoying. She's not a very good singer either. She's probably a waitress or lives with her parents, something like that.

I want to see Mawshanna stay because I think it's wonderful that an African-American is really in this competition.

Kelly is definitely alot of fun, but that's nothing to base a relationship on. I love how polite Matt is about the situation by saying that he, "feels like the stuffy Brit" around her.She wasn't that into him anyway, she just wanted to have a good time and free alcohol.

I like Chelsea, although by the looks of the preview for next week, she turned him off.

Amanda, the girl with the meeps is adorable and sweet but I don't see them together.

I really can't say who I think will go home, but if he and Noelle don't get some much-needed alone time I'm afraid it may be her. I'm sure we will see more of her in the next episode.

TAMmommy said...

Thanks for you comments.

I love hearing what other people think of them too.

I am looking forward to next week and seeing what happens.