Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bachelor: London Calling - April 21st

The Bachelor: London Calling
Monday April 21st Episode

Last night the four remaining women each took Matt home to met their families. Okay, now I don't know about you, but this is a big deal to me. I didn't take alot of guys home to met the family, in fact there were a couple there that I would not take home, but then again I knew that they were just a short-term thing anyway. The premise of this episode has always bothered me, I mean, you haven't known him that long, he is dating these other women at the same time and yet you are taking him home to met the family.

Okay, so I didn't watch alot of this one. Sorry, but one look at her mom, and my face hurt! I couldn't watch her! I mean really, the lips the face, can we say too much botox? Something was wrong and it looked awlful. It was suprising to see her sister look so much like her, down to the actions, although from the conversations, I would say the younger sister is a little more mature than Shayne.
Can you tell she isn't my favorite? Sorry folks, but I have just not liked her from the beginning, and then when I found out she was Lorenzo Lamas' daughter I liked her even less, and mainly because to me it smacked of a set up, not of true romance, and I am the romantic at heart, I want someone to find true love.

This was great. I think it was a good time and they got to know each other and have fun, but a little too late. Noelle really didn't get much time with Matt throughout the show and she has hung around because others were more trouble and needed to be gone, but I just don't think they ever got the chance to connect and develop, and Noelle admitted that part of that was her fault in that she was a little slow to open up, well, duh! You are dating a guy with 25 other women, I'd hold back too! I just don't think this is the right venue for her. I think she is a great woman and will make someone very happy, but she needs more time to open up to someone and this was not the best place for her.

I think this again was a great visit. I think they had fun and he loves that about her, and I think he got to see that although they are alot of fun, she can be serious.
I loved the outtakes at the end of the episode when they went back to their date and getting oldtime pictures made, it was jsut so much fun and showed that they have a great time together. Is that enough for a realtionship? I don't know, but I think they might have a chance.

So she decides to pull a prank on Matt and hire a fake family, and they are over the top, and it was funny, and the best part is that Matt loved it! He couldn't believe that she pulled one over on him and that she got him, and he loved it! You know, I really think that Amanda and Matt have the same type of humor and love the same kind of jokes. Now is that more best buddies or a relationship, I am not sure yet, but I think it holds well for them.

So far, I am thinking that Amanda and CHelsea have the most in common with him, they have the laughter and the romance, whereas there only seems to be romance with Shayne, nothing more than a physical attraction. I think Amanda and CHelsea would make a better fit with him, but we will see where it goes.

What do you think? Did he make the right choice? And who is your favorite?

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