Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dancing with The Stars - ResultsShow - April 22

Last night was the results show on Dancing with the Stars, and you know, that means another star went home.

Marlee Matlin and her dancing partner, Fabian were in the bottom two, and they were annouced as in the bottom at the very beginning of the show, which I hated.

They shared bottom two, or the red light with Mario and Karina, and while I know that Marlee was not the best dancer, I would have been fine with Karina and Mario leaving last night, but alas that was not to be as Marlee and Fabian were sent home.

You know, I loved watching Marlee dance. I know the fast dances were her downfall, but then what did you expect. I am just so amazed and proud of her to see a deaf woman get out there and do as well as she did.
She learned the slower dances and looked great, and she tried as hard as she could on the faster dances, but they were too hard, which says nothing against Marlee. I think she is a wonderful actress and person and I am just so proud that she risked it and got out there on the dance floor and showed they what she had.

For next week....well, I personally have just had enough of Karina, her personalty is just wearing on me, so she and Mario can go. Then Shannon Elizabeth and Derek, although I love watching Derek, she just still has not figured out how to look like a woman on the dance floor, no hips, and she can cry all she wants, in dancing the hips have to be there, and no just there, but overly exaggerated to show up. I think she is starting to learn to move the hips, but not enough to show up. Personally, I think Kristi wins this season, there is no one that can even come close to her, but then there is Mark Ballas bad luck, last year he had one of the best dancers in Sabrina Bryan and got kicked off way too soon, but still I think she wins it all. As to who can go the whole way with her....well, really, no one else is anywhere close.

Okay, so next week we get two dances. Let's see how they do!

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