Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Discover Spring Mill Event

Saturday was the Discover Spring Mill Event hosted by Girl Scouts, and my troop of Brownies went, although it turned out to be a cold day, and a couple of girls had to stay home due to colds, those that went had a good time.

The first event was a trip to the Gus Grissom Memorial Museum in the park. Gus was the second man in space, and flew the Liberty Bell and Gemini rockets. He was born and raised in Mitchell, IN; which is were Spring Mill State Park is, so the perfect place for the Memorial Museum. The girls did a scavanger hunt in the museum to look for and find interesting facts about Gus. I think they had a good time. I know Maeve did because she spent all day Sunday telling Nana and Papaw and anyone else that would listen everything she learned about Gus and the early space program.

The next event we headed to was Clogging. The girls got to learn a few basic clogging steps and then put them together into a dance. It was so fun, and since it was pretty cool out that day, this really warmed them up.

After eating a brief lunch, we went on a two mile hike, which was suppose to go down to one of the caves, but with all the rain we have been having around here, we couldn't make it to the cave as the path was washed out, under water in one area and there was no way to go around. It was still fun, and believe me my legs are still feeling it!!

To end the day, we went to the Pioneer village and looked in all the houses. We also went to the meeting house and learned to play games from the time period and made a "leavings doll". It was called that because it was made from the leavings, or scraps left over. After games, they went to the leather shop and learned how to make candles! The wax was beeswax, and so the candles smelled like honey.

All in all it turned out to be a great day, and the girls learned alot about the past!
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MAMA GREEN said...

Hi Michelle! Just wanted to stop in and leave you a comment. YOu always give me the BEST feedback and I appreciate it. Anyway, here's to you kid. Have a great day. Love Rose