Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Quilter's Legacy

The Quilter's Legacy
by: Jennifer Chiaverini
Elm Creek Quilts Novel Series, book five

Sylvia has finally decided to marry Andrew, and when Sarah mentions making her wedding quilt, Sylvia decides to find her mother's quilts, they should be in the attic. Only once she starts looking, Agnes, her former sister-in-law tells her that they aren't there, that her sister Claudia sold them all off. With the help of the Elm Creek Quilters, Sylvia starts looking for them.

This is written as two novels in one, you will get Sylvia in her search and then we switch over to her mother as she grows and learns to quilt. As Sylvia searches for the quilts, we learn the real history behind them from her mother's own story. It is amazing to read, and then the details that didn't get passed down, because we all know that there are just some things about our families that we just don't pass on down to the kids!
I found myself wanting to tell Sylvia what her mother did or said and how much a quilt meant to her, or why she started it or what she did and why she did it! It was an amazing read, and although we follow Sylvia on the journey to find the quilts, we also find out more about Sylvia and her relationship with Andrew grows as well as the relationship of the other ElmCreek Quilters.

Jennifer is an amazing writer, and to be able to tell two intertwined, yet still seperate stories so well, that you never feel one is more important than the other, is amazing and I enjoyed it so much. The first time that she really did this two in one storyline with the Elm Creek Series was the last book, Runaway Quilt, and she does it again in this book, but it fits with the stories that are being told, and just seems to be the perfect way to tell the stories.

If you love a good book, this is for you, and if you are a quilter or just love the history of quiliting, this is a great book. I look forward to reading more and more in this series!

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