Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser - April 8th

Okay, so last night was the next to final episode of The Biggest Loser, and guess what, they did something new again! They weighed the final four, and just when the top two thought it was over and everything was going exactly as they wanted, wrench! No, they don't get to vote to eliminate, Amreica does....yep, we get to vote.

So here's the link to vote..... You can vote as many times as you like, as far as I can tell from the FAQ pages, and voting opened at 10pm ET on April 8th and runs through 10pm ET on April 10th. So VOTE!

Now, let me talk about who you can vote for....


Okay, so this guy is the biggest teddy-bear of a guy I have ever seen, and I have loved him since day one!

He lost 15 pounds this week, which at this point in the competition is almost unheard of. The 15 pounds was his personal goal for this week, because by losing 15 pounds, that put his total weight loss while on campus at 144 pounds, which is one pound more than anyone else in Biggest Loser history! He has the record, at least until next season!

15 pounds, when you lose that much, there is no way you should be below the yellow line, but he is. So vote for Roger. I really think he deserves to go to the final and to win it all. Also, he actually can lose a little more weight and still be within the healthy range for himself.


Okay, so Mark get's kicked off and then gets back on campus and manages to wreck his numbers and his brothers while he is on campus enough to get his brother kicked off and then when we only has Roger to work out with, he manages to step it up and lose 12 pounds, but it still puts him below the yellow line. you can vote for Mark if you really want, but I don't see it. Mark is pretty much at his healthy weight range, and I can't see him losing anymore weight. In fact I was a little shocked that he lost this much this week. I don't think he has any weight loss left in him.
Besides that, I just don't care for the guy, and then there are the girls. They were so sure they had thisin the bag, they were pretty cocky in the interviews, that they were sending Roger home, Mark was a friend and they could beat Mark in the end, so they were excited, only to have the wrench thrown in, and now they might not win.

Now, a little on the girls.
Ali has lost more weight than any woman on Biggest Loser, at a total of 99 pounds, but I think she is maxed out, she actually looks a little too thin right now, so I am thinking she has nothing left to lose for the finale.

Kelly, well, she has lost 93 pounds, and she probably has more to lose still than Ali, but I am think not more than maybe 10 pounds.

For Ali and Kelly to have a chance to win this, they have to go up against Mark, who has little to nothing left to lose either. If they go up again Roger, who can still lose another 20 pounds or more, they lose. Personally, I know everyone thinks it's time for a woman to win Biggest Loser, but I would rather see Roger win.

In a perfect world....Roger would win the finale, and Trent (his original partner) would win the at home Biggest Loser part. That would just be perfect for me. They were wonderful, stand-up men and they never played dirty and they were just honest, good old boys and I loved them both.

So now, I've made my plea for Roger....I'm headed back to the NBC site to vote some more, how about joining me? What do you think?

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