Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Master Quilter

The Master Quilter
by: Jennifer Chiaverini
Elm Creek Quilts Novel, book six

So, Andrew and Sylvia grew tired of everyone at Elm Creek Quilts planning every detail of their wedding, although they knew their friends were only doing it out of love, enough was enough, so behind their backs and in complete surprise, Andrew and Sylvia turned the annual Christmas Gathering into their own wedding. Now that the shock has worn off, the Elm Creek Quilter's turn their attention to the Wedding Quilt. Andrew and Slyvia got married without a wedding quilt, and Sylvia being the driving force behind Elm Creek Quilts, well they had to come up with a master plan.

In secret, they appeal to quilters all over to send in a quilt block of their choice that makes them think of Sylvia, and once in they will assemble them into the Master of all quilts.

The problem is secrets, once secret leads to more and more, and as the story unfolds we find that each person at Elm Creek is hiding something that would best be dealt with together.

The book is broken up into mini-books, or a group of chapters devoted to one person, and then as you read the next person so see a completely different view of what was told in the frist person, so it is told by someone else. The way tht Jennifer was able to weave these together is masterful, she wove a sotry better than a quilt and it was wonderful, and really kept me interested and looking forward to how another person saw what was going on and what would eventually happen. In the end, all came out for the best, but the twists and turns were amazing! I loved they way she wove this story!

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