Thursday, April 3, 2008

12 days to file your taxes

It's Tax Season, that means, for those of us who work in an industry that deals with tas returns, we are so busy it's not funny, and for those of you who keep forgetting about them, you only have 12 days left to file your returns!

This is my third tax season working for a local CPA office. We have one CPA, one full-time staff accountant and two part-time staff accountants, which doesn't seem like alot, but we get out about 125-150 personal tax returns a year. It's busy!

The first year, it was all new, and I was fresh back into the working world after being at home for seven years to have my kids. So I was excited and enjoying the new role and the praise of being a workign person again, and the adult contact.

The second year was a little rougher, and it wasn't as smooth and I worked more hours over and above my schedule than the first year and so it was losing some of the luster and shine already.

This year, well, it really started losing the luster in the summer. See, I have a nice job, in that I work 30 hours, then in the summer, I drop down to only four days a week, which is great and we are realyl slow around here anyway. Well, this year, about October, the boss told me he wanted me to come back to five days, and I wanted to ask him what he was thinking, because we were slow and I was having to invent jobs to keep myself busy working FOUR days, how was I ever going to fill FIVE days. But he seemed to have no clue! The full-time gal was using personal hours everyday to fill her time, and he saw it on the time sheets week after week, but he refused to let me keep my four days, he wanted me there five days whether I had work or not. Well, that really started to wear on me, and this year it's worse.

I have alot on my plate to do, and I will be told to point one project in the front, then when I get behind on the others, because I did what was told, I get yelled at for being behind. I was told last week that I am "required" to work extra hours each day, and weekends, but there is no such thing as overtime pay around here. I have a family and a life outside of this place, but sometimes I think my boss forgets, because he has no live and practically lives in the office, he thinks we all can too.

Saturday is my daughter's seventh birthday, and he wants me to work. Well, the bigger problem is that other than some leftover filing, I have nothing to do on Saturday. I guess I could come in and play on the computer and let him pay me for it, but that is just not my style. Right now, I am using my lunch hour to blog, because I just need to vent it all out and get it off my chest.

So.....12 days to file you taxes!!

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