Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Wicked Gentleman by Jane Feather

A Wicked Gentleman
by: Jane Feather
Book One in the Cavendish Square Triology

Set in the Regency Era in the London area, this is wonderfully crafter book, that starts with a mystery and espionage screen, only to move to the country estate and a wonderful tale of independence and love to begin.

The story revolves around three women, Cornelia Dagenham, her sister in law, Aurelia Farnham and their friend Liv Lacey. It begins with the unexpected inhertiance of a house in Cavendish Square, the desire to find a husband for Liv and the needs to get away from a heavy-handed father-in-law.

The country is at war during this time, and the espionage is a secondary stroy line, with the breaking of coded messages, spys and the like being woven into the tale of life on the town of that ear of London and society.

There are three intimate screens between the two main charachters, Cornelia Dagenham and a Viscount Harry Bonham, and although they are slightly graphic, they are probably no moreso than any other novel of this genere, it's just that it has been so long since I read a novel with any graphic intimate scenes at all in it, that I was caught a little off guard, so I skimed over those pages!

All in all, it is a great stroy, believeable charachter and the development of the relationships and the friendships between the three women, is great, you really feel you know and understand them and can agree with their reasoning at times.

Being that this is the first in the Triology called the Cavendish Square Triology and there are three women in the house on Cavendish Square, and that allow information about all the ladies is presented, Corneila comes to the forefront with her relationship with Harry Bonham, I am hoping that will mean that the other two books in the Triology will follow the other two ladies in the house. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series now.

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