Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First of many Christmas celebrations

Well, you might know, as your get married and have kids, the times you have to celebrate Christmas just keeps getting larger and larger. Of course this year, we had five completely seperate celebrations, which is probably more than any kids needs! So, I have decided that since we celebrated five times, they each deserved their own blog post, so you get five blog posts about Christmas. Probably more than that, since the traveling will probably be it's own post too!

We received our Christmas packages from Brad's Dad and StepMom, David and Leslie, who live all the way up north in Minnesota, much farther than we are traveling with three young kids right now, and espically at Christmas, with the limited time constraints already.
Of course the kids wanted to open things the minute the boxes arrived, but we put them off for three days, then we let them each pick one (ended up being two) items to open on Sunday Afternoon (the 16th), the rest had to wait until Christmas Eve when they opened the stuff from Mom and Dad.
So we did! The loved the stuff!! Maeve got the Hannah Montana DVD game, Tiernan got a new generation Rubik's gube, which he loved! We had to talk him out of taking it to school with him. The girls both opened necklaces, and the Molly opened a puzzle (think in might have been Maeve's but Molly claimed it).

So now, all that is left it mailing our gifts to David and Leslie, and getting the kids to write thank-you notes!
One down, four more to go!!

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