Friday, December 28, 2007

The Devil's Necklace

The Devil's Necklace
by: Kat Martin

This is the second book in the Necklace Triology by Kat Martin, but that does not mean that you actually have to read them in order. The Bride's Necklace is the first book, and I reviewed that one a little bit back, I also posted a list of the books in order in the triology. I finished this book, and I have to say I enjoyed it as much as the first one.
This book revolves around the story of Ethan and Grace. Now we were briefly introduced to Ethan and Grace in the first book, but little of either one of them was really explored in the first book, we learned of their respective connections to the characters of the first book, Cord and Tory. This book could stand on it's own in the story. If you read this book first, you would not be at a loss to follow the story, although after finally meeting Cord and Tory in the later parts of this book, you would probably want to go back an read the first book to find their story.
The legend of the necklace is once again retold, so you are not missing that and the development of the characters together and each one is wonderful. The twists and turns in their lives are wonderfully woven and it is a believeable tale in the way things happen.
Once again, as with the first book, I felt their story was fully told, I was not left wanting more information and I was unaware until the moment in the last page, who would be the holder of the necklace in the next book, and how the final book would center around.
This has been a wonderful triolgy to read, and I have developed a fondness for the author. I am now thinking about looking into more books by this author and seeing what more she has to offer. The other thing I really enjoyed in this book and the first was the time setting, it is set in 1805, give or take a year or two depending on parts of what is being told. I love that era and the romance and splendor of it all in the dress and parties, or at least that is the way they feel when reading about it, so I look forward to more in this era.

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