Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Knitting Mystery Series

I recently gave you all a list of another mystery series called, Knitting Mystery Series. There are two series under the same common name, but by two completely different authors, with different books, different styles and settings.
The first series was done by Mary Kruger, now I found that series after I read this series, and I personally liked this series better. I guess I found myself able to relate to the author and the story better in this series.
The series on this one currently consists of four books, and I am personally really looking forward to another book. I do like the author and her style alot as well.

A Knitting Mystery
by: Maggie Sefton

1. Knit One, Kill Two
2. Needled to Death
3. A Deadly Yarn
4. A Killer Stitch

Now, if you happened to notice from some of my recent posts that I have been a busy little beaver, working on Christmas presents, and those happen to be knitted scarves for my sister-in-laws and my niece and god-daughter. I also made one for one of the girls here in the office for her birthday, so I have five already done. The one for Amanda in the office, which I posted a picture of, the Fun Fur in the Purple, her favorite color; then I finished the two chocolate co-ordinated ones, the plain chocolate fun fur one for my siste-in-law Michelle, and the chocolate confetti fancy fur one for my niece Chole. Since that was for a mother-daughter combo, I wanted them to look good together. I just finished a blue disco fur one for my god-daughter. I now have two more for my other two sister-in-laws and then both my girls wanted them, and I have one purple scarf done, but it is shorter, ran out of yarn, so I am going to use it for my youngest daughter, who is only 3 anyway.
Now, knowing that I can sorta knit, probably helps you to understand why I really enjoy the knitting series, but even though I only know the knit stitch, and can't read a pattern to save my life, I still enjoy the series, and not just the knitting undertones, the friendships and the mystery all get to me.
So, if you need a good book for the holiday's, pick up a knitting book, curl up by the fire and enjoy!

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