Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bamboo Needles

Okay, so it's Christmas time, and I decided at the last minute, as usual that I wanted to make something for Christmas. I taught myself to knit a number of years back, can't read a pattern to save my life, can't do a purl stitch, but I can do the basic knit stitch, which will make a fine blanket or scarf. Well, this year, I had been seeing all those fun yarns so I decided to try.

Well, this is the scarf I made for a friend for her birthday. It is this really light purple color and I used that "Fun Fur" yarn, which is like $4.99 a skein, but since it only takes two skeins to make it, that makes the scarf about $10, and you would spend that on someone anyday. Although lately I have been seeing the yarn on sale.
So I told my mom about it, and she mentioned that is might be nice to make my niece and sister-in-law matching scarfs, and then if I make them some I need to make my other sister-in-law one, and then since I am making them for that side of the family it would only be right to make one for my sister-in-law on the other side. Then of course, the girls saw me making the first one and they both want that means that I need to do SIX of them for Christmas!
Let me tell you that fun fur is not the easist thing to work with by any stretch of the imagination! So, to get to the point of this whole blog....I was in the store yesterday and I picked up soem more yarn, and then I was thinking I could always use another set of needles. I was looking at the selection, you have your choice of steel, plastic or bamboo. Know I have had the steel and plastic, and of the two I like the steel much better, the tips on the plastic are too easily broken. I had read in one of my knitting novels about bamboo, and the idea in the story was that they were better. Well, the price was okay, they were only about a dollar more than the regular ones, so I thought I would try them.

Let me tell you! I am in heaven! I will never use another plastic needle again! The tips on the steel needles are very pointed, almost to the point of being sharp, which is nice for certain tight knits, and the plastic are not as sharply pointed, but theses bamboo are almost blunt compared to the others and I thought there is no way this will work, but after doing a few rows I found they were nice. The steel tips can make your fingers sore after awhile, but these bamboo needles flet so comfortable and smmothi n my hands, that I loved working with them! I am sold! In fact, I may never buy another pair of steel needles either, but I know for sure that the bamboo have become my favorites and I will be using them for most all my knitting.
Now, if I can just get those six scarfs done in time!

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