Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Senstive Teeth?

sensitive teeth
You know, the older I get, the more senstive my teeth become, espically to things like iced tea or hot chocolate. The bad thing is that is is happening more and more often, to the point that I am looking into Senstive Teeth Toohpastes.

Like the other weekend. The kids were spending the night with Mom and Dad, and we were going out to dinner. Well, I ordered an Iced Tea, and the first drink I took nearly knocked me out of my seat. Needless to say, I grabbed a straw pretty quick like, and removed alot of the ice from the glass before I tried again. That jolt of "pain" from the senstive teeth is really jaring, and it always seems to catch me completely off guard.

I was visiting a website, sensitive toothpaste today and I am thinking it just might be a better solution than the other products out there. There seems to be some research and solid ideas behind it, and I am thinking it really sounds like it might just be the ticket.THe website says that is builds increasing protection against sensitivity while the natural immune boosting enzymes promotes healing of bleeding gums, now that sounds good. Something to help with this senstive thing, because it is getting a little too much too often to just let go anymore.
It sounds like it can work on the problem, not just cover it up, and that sounds like just the thing I am looking for.

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