Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brownie Troop 441

Thanks for all you help last night parents!

The council office is closed the last two weeks of the year, and they do inventory in December, so they let things run low so as not to have the extra inventory on hand, which is why they were out of the pins and patches. I have them ordered and as soon as they come in I will get them to the girls. Also, now that I know they do this, I will not be caught off-guard again by this.

Cookie Sales: Everyone signed the permission slips last night, thank you so much. I will be calling you all with more details, once I check in with my leader advisor and bringing you the cookie forms. Sales start on Jan 1, but please do not sale early.

Skating Party: I will have the permission slips for the District skating party at the next meeting and you can fill one out if you think you might go. I have to have one on file for every girl that attends, so even if you are not sure if they will go or not, if there is a chance, please fill one out at the meeting.

Music Program at IU: There is a music program at IU that is geared for the Browines in early Feb, I think it is the 9th, a couple hours and they will get a Try-It Badge. No obligation to go, but I know that Maeve will love this one, and I need to register by the end of Jan, hopefully there will still be spots left, so think about that. I will give you more information at the next meeting, also I will need at least one parent to accompany me on the trip until we get a new co-leader.

Day ON for Martin Luther King Day: I guess school is out that day, and there is a program running for the day, the girls will learn to knit and then knit hats for charity. I will be working that day, but if you are interested in your daughter going, let me know and we might be able to work it out with another troop that isgoing to let her go along.

Now...as you might notice, I have a new list on the side with upcoming dates for the troop. I will continue to use my blog to update you on events and review the meeting, so if you missed anything you can check it here. Thanks for all you support. Have a great Holiday and we will see you at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Jan 14th, Monday 5:30....remember the new room!

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