Saturday, December 29, 2007

And this makes number four...

Since we were going to visit Aunt Jo on Christmas day, we had to make some "calls" to Santa so that he could deliver the gifts for the kids a day early. On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with the kids. Besides the gifts we got the kids, everything that Brad's mom got the kids she brought over to our house and then the last of what they hadn't opened from Grandpa David and Leslie was there to open.
This year the big gift for Tiernan and Maeve from us, or Santa, however you want to think about it, were GameBoy Advances. Yeah, I know they are older game players, but I was not about to start out on a $140 DS only to have them break them or never play them. I think I blogged about the time it took me to get them on eBay for Christmas. They went over well. The kids both liked them, and they have continued to play them up through today. Molly isn't ready for a gameboy, so she got a Disney Princess Cash Register. Brad's mom, Grandma Shirley got all three kids a number of games to play. Molly got the new Candy Land game thing, Tiernan got a Laser Battle Game and Maeve got Electronic Monopoly.
The all got clothes from Mom and Dad, and then Grandpa David and Leslie sent these great sweatshirts. Tiernan's was a hooded NIKE sweatshirt, and he wore it for the next three days! Maeve's was a zip-up purple ADIDAS hooded sweatshirt, and like Tiernan, she wore it for the next three days, in fact she wore it out in the 37 degree weather today to go to the grocery store with me! Molly got a pull-over lilac ADIDAS sweatshirt, that ended up matching the new turtlenecks that I got her, so she is going to be styling when she goes back to school!
Once we got through opening gifts, we loaded the Durango and took off for Valpo. A four hour drive, which I will have to post about at another time, I am just not ready to relive that trip anytime soon!

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