Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bowl-ing in Azirona

If you follow college football, like we do here, then you might know that the Indiana University Hooiser are in their first Bowl game since 1993.

To understand how we love football in this family, Brad and I married in July of 1993, and do you know what we did for New Year's Eve that year? We drove to Shreveport LA to the Bowl game to watch the Hooiser play against, if I remember right, it was the Virgina Tech Hokies. Yes, we went bowl-ing on our first New Year's as a married couple!

This year the Hooiser's are playing in the Insight Bowl game in Tempe, AZ. Well, that trips takes a flight, and it was too much to take all three kids to, although had they went to a closer bowl game, we had seriously thought about taking all three kids to the bowl game.

So yesterday brad and his good friend Brian, flew out of Indy headed to Tempe. Today they got tickets to the AZ Cardinals NFL game, then tomorrow night is the Hooiser's game, then they are flying back on Tuesday.

Brad called to check in with the kids and I and told me to check email. He sent this photo, taken by Brian of Brad at the Cardinals Statidum. They are having a good time and looking forward to some good football, both today and tomorrow!
Is it any wonder that Tiernan loves playing football?

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