Monday, December 31, 2007

Road Trip with Three kids

We knew that the four hour drive from our home to Valpraiso IN, where my husband is originally from, would be rough. It always has been. We are driving north, out of scenic southern Indiana into the flatlands of Northern Indiana, and it is just a long boring four hour drive.
This year, the kids had their new Christmas stash to keep the occupied, or so we thought. They had the new dual screen portable DVD player that my folks got us, the bigger two had their new gameboys and then they all three had the personal CD players. That should keep them occupied, right?
Well, it worked for about three hours on the trip up, but the last hour, they were really longing for the hotel and the promise of a pool and swimming. What more could you expect from three kids all under the age of eight.

As you can tell, the pool was the greatest part of the trip, at least for the kids. We checked in at 3pm local time, and the kids swam for about a hour and a half, then got out for some dinner. After eating they went back and swam again for another hour and a half before bed. The next morning they got up at 6:30, even though breakfast didn't start until 7am, then as soon as it turned 7 they were down the hall for breakfast, and then back to waiting until the pool opened at 8am. They swam for a little over two hours before we packed up and headed to Aunt Jo's.
All three love the water. Maeve was doing jumps and practicing her backstroke. Tiernan was jumping in and splashing around. Molly had her floaty swimsuit on and was making her way around the pool edge, and then trying to swim to the ladder. I call them my little fishes, and they were! I am glad they enjoyed it!

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