Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knitting Mystery

As you know I love to give you information about the books I have read, and I just blogged, last post, about Paperback Swap, which I love!! You have to check it out.

Anyway, I said that I would list alot of the series in order as I found the information and so I have that now on one of the series and so now is the time to share.

Knitting Mystery
by: Mary Kruger

1. Died in the Wool
2. Knit Fast, Die Young

Now, there are only two books in this series currently, but there is another author that put out a series of books called "A Knitting Mystery", almost the same series name, and there are more books in that series. I am not sure that this author will be doing anymore in this series, but it was a decent series. I personally liked the other Knitting Series better, but that is my opinion. Also this author already has some other series going as well.
Anyway, if you need a cozy read over the Holidays, these two are good books to keep you entertained while it snows.

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