Friday, December 28, 2007

Second Christmas Celebration

As I said before, once you get married and have kids, you tend to have alot of different little Christmas celebrations. On Saturday the 22nd, we went down to my Grandpa's house and had Christmas with him.

To say the least, I think the kids made out pretty well!! They all three got a personal CD player with headphones and a new CD from Grandpa. They loved it! In fact Tiernan and Maeve have already went through a set of batteries each in them! Tiernan got the Jump In soundtrack featuring Corbin Bleu and Maeve got the High School Musical Soundtrack. Molly got a new Laurie Berkner CD, and let me tell you, boy are we glad she has the headphones now!!
The picture of Tiernan above with the Dinosaur kit was actually a gift from Grandpa David and Leslie, he elected to take one present from them down to Grandpa's to open. It was a Dinosaur fossil kit, which inclued a plastic skeleton that was buried in a stone-like sand mixture that he had to dig out. He spent all afternoon digging out the skeleton! WOW! He really loved that gift!
Well....that's two down, only three more to go....

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