Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Christmas celebration

There are times when I wished that I could do all these little Christmas celebrations in one big celebration, but when you have in-laws, divorces and teh such, it just isn't possible.

On Sunday afternoon, the 23rd, we went over to my Mom and Dad's (actually step-dad, but then who cares about that anymore). It was great to spend time with them, and the kids had a good time.

Tiernan got a big Star Wars Lego set, that he then spent the rest of the day putting together. Molly got a baby doll that you could record the name she chose for it, and then it would respond to the name. Molly named her new baby Emma. Maeve got a karakoe/video camera thing. You plug it into the tv, then into a cd player, and she can sing her favorite songs along with the cd and the player has a webcam that shows her singing on the tv. It is great, epsically for her, since she loves to sing so much!
Well, three down only two more to go! I am starting to get a little overwhelmed by Christmas at this point!

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