Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traveling for Christmas

Somehow I got talked into traveling for Christmas this year. Earlier this year we moved my mother-in-law from a town four hours away to here, and I thought we were done with traveling on Christmas, we would all be close and ableto enjoy the holidays! Boy was I wrong! For some strange reason my mother-in-law decided that she wanted to go to see her sister for christmas, and my husband being the all-pleasing man he is, agreed to take her there for Christmas, which means that we will now spend Christmas Eve driving four hours north to spend the night in a hotel and then have lunch with Aunt Jo on Christmas Day and then drive four hours home so that I can be at work on the 26th. Now remember, we are doing thing traveling with THREE kids!
So the only good thing to come out of this was my discovery of
Hotel Reservations
Now this had made it so much easier. Yes, I know there are a number of sites that you can go to, but they give you a listing of the Hotels, the ammenities and the rates, and the rates are good. I thought is was so easy to find what I wanted, and you know with three kids, sometimes it is realyl hard to get the computer availablity things to work right, because they say it's too many people for a room, but I didn't have trouble with this site. For a room over Christmas Day, we were able to book it just under $100 a night. Trust me, I checked the others, and this is a good, competetive rate, and they even have world wide travel rates, not just semi-local, so we could book a vacation. This rate was a really good thing in the middle of the holidays, and we were able to find a place with an indoor swimming pool, which is the only making the kids want to make the trip!
Yea, I think I did good, and I have them bookmarked and I am planning to use them again the next time we have to make a trip anywhere, but if it is another trip over Christmas, I think I might just go nuts!

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