Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a TAMM creation at Etsy.com

I think I mentioned before that I found a new place to list the "a TAMM creation" line.


It's all handcrafted items, with some supplies, but most of the people on there are selling their own handcrafted items!

http://www.deby0.etsy.com/ has some supplies, and I ordered some new yarn from her the other day. It came in on friday and I can't wait to turn it into something wild!!

http://www.southernnight.etsy.com/ handcrafts her own soaps and tarts. She has Brad's favorite scent for me to wear, Plumeria, so I ordered some wax tarts and goats milk soap from her!! I am so excited about those!! Can't wait till they get here, it should be nice!!

http://www.justaddcharm.etsy.com/ has some hair items, and I ordered some hairclips with fabric covered buttons on them for the girls. Something a little different than what I do, and yet I think the girls will love them.

These are just a few of the places that I have bought from on there, and so I wanted to share. I think I will try to add more information about etsy and where i am buying for you all since I think it is important, and great when we buy handmade! Let's help the little guy(gal) out and buy handmade instead of from the big box store!

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