Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Protect those new Christmas gadets

So were you like alot of other people and you got new, cool, high tech toys and gadets for Christmas? Well, then you need to check out invisibleSHIELD. It's a great little shield for everything high tech!

ipod case
You all know that I have three kids, so you can imagine what it is like to keep things from getting scratched and dinged and spilled on, so when I saw this website, I was like....okay, but how much. So I checked it out! I was amazed. For a screen shield for my phone, which is just a plain older model LG camera phone, it was only $11.95. Now, I have had my phone for two years, and I love it. I know how to work it, and I just don't want to change it, but it is scratched. I wish I would have known about invisibleSHIELD when I first got the phone! And when you think about the cost of a new phone, well, the cost of the shield is nothing!

So anyway, not only do they have them for the screens on the phones, but full body covers for the phones; which by the way is exactly what I need for Brad's phone. He's a guy and he doesn't like the belt loop phone holders, so her carries his phone in his pants pocket! Now, you all know what all is in a guys pants pocket, so you can probably imagine what his phone looks like. This will be great for him, so that I can help keep his phone a little safer a little longer! Yeah!

Now, I am going back to check in on screens for the kid's new GameBoys, even though they are older model games, it would be great to keep them looking good and in good shape for them.

So, for those of you who got new high tech gadets for Christmas, check out invisibleSHIELD to help protect them long into the New Year!

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