Friday, January 11, 2008


So, to help build my little "a TAMM creation" business, I will be having some items showcased on Etsy today.

You can see my shop at

If you are just on the main site, I will have the Scarves and Hair Barrettes featured in the Accessories Showcase.

I am excited about this, and really hope that it will help to build the business and get my name and products out there to more and more people. Which is probably another reason that I started doing the PayPerPost stuff, to get more traffic to the blog so that more people would see the name and what I do. Which by the way, I got my first payment from PayPerPost for the first blog that I did for them! WOW! It was easy and now that I have that money, I am using it to promote the business. I used part of that payment to pay for the showcase that I have the items listed on today on Etsy.

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