Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another addition to the TAMM creation line

I've been working on more scarves, and I have this one ready to be added to the "a TAMM creation" line. This is the same kind of yarn as the brown confetti one before, but this is in a bright red. It was raining today when I took the picture of it, so the color is a little faded because of how grey it was outside.

This is a close up of the confetti yarn. As you can see, if is a base of the Fun fur with these balls of another yarn intertwined. It really does make a neat looking scarf!

Anyway, I have these added to the two stores that I have right now. I will be updating you all on that in a little bit, but it looks like the oldest (and my favorite co-op website that I had things listed on) is going to be closing. Once I know for sure and more details I will post it and let you know where to find everything. But for right now, you can order through Home Grown Market (link on the bottom of the blog) or Etsy (link on the side).

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