Friday, January 11, 2008

Squidoo and Top Momma

Okay, so I was reading some blogs today, and someone mentioned this Squidoo and said that they were getting money for having a link to their blog there. So of course what could I do but check it out!

I went and set up my own page there
And so it not only links back to my blog, but it allows me to do some other things. Like I was able to put my favorite new books, the ones I am hoping to purchase soon from Amazon on my page, and you can leave comments and more.

I am just figuring it all out, and I plan to do more and then I will tell you all more and more about it, but since I have it and it is started, then I wanted to tell you about it.

Also, another blog had a link to Top Momma, and you are able to post a picture and then people vote by clicking on it and you get more exposure by the more clicks, which will be great to help build the business, so I put a link on there. Now I haven't got confirmation that they liked my picture, which was of Maeve and Molly dressing up in costumes, but once I do, I will post it so you all can go vote for me as a Top Momma.

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